Or to fret?

5/19/2014 The Lady 2 Comments

It happened again. Again, I say!

Another friend approached The Counselor regarding his intentions towards me, and once again I found out this information from a source that was neither that friend nor The Counselor. This encounter however, yielded entirely different results. Apparently The Counselor is still interested in me. 

I am simply lost. 

I cannot trust my sources, for they are unreliable. I cannot trust their sources for they are busybodies. I cannot trust The Counselor's answers for I myself would not tell the truth to mere acquaintances. 

But knowing that another person had approached The Counselor regarding me made me quite nauseous. (Or is it nauseated?) I feared that he would assume I had sent these people on my behalf. I felt the need to clarify, and indeed to apologize. 

He in all his cool composure answered: Not a worry. I know you pretty well, and I know that's not you. And I wasn't offended or bothered by it.

Curse him. 

I am nowhere closer to actual knowledge than I was before. And the truth is, this whole Counselor business has been more tiring than it is worth. But somehow it seems that every time I come to the conclusion to let this matter rest, something comes along to stir the pot once more. At least I can safely say that I can ignore it for the summer. I am off to be an EFY counselor for the summer (yes, I have become one of those people) while The Counselor goes off to be an EFY counselor (yes, he too is one of those people) at the opposite end of the country. And I intend to shamelessly flirt my way through the summer with all the men who come my way. 

The Lady

P.S. I'm not sure how present I will be on the blog during the summer months, but I will update when I can. 

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The Charmer said...

Can I just tell you how THRILLED I am that we will both be spending our summers corralling teenagers, studying the scriptures, and flirting with men in colorful polos?!

Kylie said...

Okay hold up, both of y'all are counselor? Cause I am too! And I would like to agree with the plan to shamelessly flirt with all the nametagged men, all summer long.