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5/03/2014 The Lady 1 Comments

Things don't change much between junior high and young single adulthood. You think all would be vastly different, but it is all very much the same. Just fewer zits and less time to do your hair. 

What I mean by all of this is, that a guy friend of mine decided to take The Counselor ordeal into his own hands. Without my knowledge. Apparently, this guy friend did not appreciate that The Counselor was "leading me on" by continually talking to me, but never doing anything about it. I would also venture to guess that he was also incredibly curious (like every other young single adult in the immediate area) to know whether The Counselor and I were ever going to date. And I heard about all of this from a friend who had talked to that friend who had talked to The Counselor. 

And according to that friend, according to the other friend, according to The Counselor, the answer is "probably not." Probably not. And this is third-hand information. 

First things first, who do these people think they are? How could they think it was a good idea to find out The Counselor's intentions for me? This friend is neither my father nor one of my brothers nor a close friend at that. The Counselor's intentions are none of his business. Not his business to question or to divulge to others. 

I would be lying if I did not admit to being somewhat disappointed in the actual news. But the semester is almost over, and I won't have to think of it this summer. Now would be a perfect time for an oh-woe-is-me post, but I am too tired at this point in the semester to truly care. The Counselor is not the last man on Earth, not the last man who will catch my eye, not the last man I will flirt with, not the last man I will kind-of-sort-of-want-to-date. 

But I am looking for a last. 

The Lady

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The Charmer said...

I completely feel you on this one! There is a boy in my new ward that LOVES to poke fun at other people's dating lives....for instance, he's always coming up to me and saying things like, "Hey Charmer, did you see the way Daniel looks at you? He is IN LOVE WITH YOU. SOOO cute. So do you like him? Huh huh? Are you guys going to date or what?" And every time I can't help but think.....what grade are we in again? Because I thought I left behind the whole "Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" thing when I graduated from junior high.