No Better Dating Adviser: A Guest Post

5/15/2014 The Charmer 3 Comments

Last but not least, here's our final guest least for now, anyways. La Mademoiselle decided to tackle things from more of a spiritual angle, which OBVIOUSLY my post-mission mind loved. I think that sometimes we forget that we DON'T have to navigate this whole dating thing by ourselves. We have access to all the help we let's use it!

toodles for now,

the charmer

Picky. Yup, that’s definitely a word my mother has used to describe me and my oh-so-thrilling dating life. I bet many of you can relate—it’s kind of what happens when most of your best friends get married in the space of a year. And I’m only twenty-one! But I am a strong believer in doing what my heart tells me is right—and my heart tells me that I'm not being too picky… I’m making good dating choices for myself (and for the future).

You know how dating is supposed to help you figure out what kind of guy you want?
Well… in some ways my dating experience has made me more unsure about what kind of guy I’ll end up with. I’ve dated too many types to understand myself anymore.
But my experiences have made me more sure that I will recognize something eternal when I feel it. Why? Because throughout all of this, I know one thing. Dating kinda sucks —it's confusing— but it is a lot easier when you rely on prayer and the feelings the Spirit gives you. That is the great thing about dating as an LDS young adult -- I don’t have to do it alone. I’m not just walking into dates with a list of characteristics and accomplishments to tick of a list. I walk into dates knowing that I have the Spirit with me -- the spirit of discernment.

Heavenly Father gives us a lot of freedom in choosing who we want to marry. But he gives us a lot of help too. He can help you to understand others… and he can help you understand yourself. My dating life might not be something that my mother understands -- but Heavenly Father sure does. He knows who I can make happy, and who will make me happy. He’s kind of the expert on everything. So I trust him. And I trust that if I’m out of line, I’ll feel it.

If it’s taking longer than you expected don’t give up on asking for his help. Personally, I know what its like to be afraid to graduate from BYU, spouse-less and then have to go back to a way smaller dating pool. But when I pray about it I’m reminded that I’ve felt at peace with all the dating decisions I’ve made in the past. I know I’ll continue feeling that way if I keep listening.
So keep paying attention to those red flags and deal breakers... the ones you've thoughtfully come up with for yourself. But do it with your heart and with the Spirit.

I'm guessing there isn't any better dating adviser than the Holy Ghost.

Keep being you,

La Mademoiselle

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Kailee said...

I love this one! I think it's something that can apply to all of us and it also helps me have trust when I feel like my dating life is going downhill. Loved it! I liked this guest post idea and I also like that you've been post alot, Charmer :)

Haley said...

This is awesome! It's times like these when I'm reminded of how much I love BYU!

Elisabeth said...