i feel confused

8/02/2012 The Romantic 2 Comments

once again, i am blogging from a phone. so i aplogize for the lack of apostraphes, exclamation points, and other useful punctuation marks.
my older brother tells me i need to stop worrying and go with the flow. i guess im just used to things moving at provo speed. the last thing i heard from mr lowe with any enthusiasm to it was our after date text. since then, i noticed a facebook status where he set up a date with another counselor. maybe i would feel better if she was a counselor i really respected. but shes a little bit silly.
i feel confused. and sad. like sad enough to cry about  it sad.... that could be just the monthly timing of it all though.

the first boy to give me butterflies  since ive been home and it appears that he is not as interested as i thought he was.

its not like i am searching for mr perfect here. i just  need a best friend

the romantic

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Romantic. Things will look up soon!

Anonymous said...

I think there are enough male readers on here for you to have some success with a date contest. they have done them in the past.