well this has more plot twists than an episode of dawson's creek

8/16/2012 The Romantic 3 Comments

This past week has been an interesting one. My emotions have ranged from that of giddy with joy, to devastated beyond all reason (you think I'm being sarcastic here. I assure you, I am not). I've laughed. I've cried. I've laughed to keep from crying, and cried from so much laughing; a veritable rollar coaster indeed.

And now, I must give you updates on both Mr. Lowe and Mr. E. I hope that after the end of this post, long winded and dramatic though it may be, you dear readers will be able to offer me some of the golden advice that you normally do.

Last weekend was the big YSA conference in California. The only thing I had hoped for all week was the chance for one slow song with Mr. Lowe at the dance on Friday night. That was it. My only expectation. But as the night wore on, he didn't even come over to say hello. My friends insisted that he simply didn't see me. But I've seen He's Just Not That Into You. I know how these things work. I kept checking my phone, hoping he would text. But he never did. The night can be summed up into two events that happened near the close of the evening.

Event #1
I was walking (crutching rather) through a very crowded hallway with a dear friend, Bessie, who's just received her mission call. Mr. Lowe spotted her, coming the parallel direction, gave her a quick congratulatory hug about her mission call, and then smoothly went on his way. I stood there, mouth agape! My friends turned to me. “He didn't see you! He's too nice to just ignore you like that! The hallway is really crowded and you were standing behind us.” Despite their protestations, I could see that they were just as shocked as I was.
Event #2
As I crutched my way to the dance floor with my friends, I could see Mr. Lowe dancing out of the corner of my eye, surrounded by other people. Even though my heart was weeping, I was still determined to have fun. I would dance, crutches and all! So, I did. Until a slow song came on. And then that's when I saw Mr. Lowe embrace a petite blond girl with a hug that seemed to last at least five minutes (which is so strange because I'm sure the song only lasted about three). With all the teen angst of a Dawson's Creek episode, I stood there slowly swaying to the song, trying not to glance their direction as they danced.

One more song, and the lights were turned on. Horrified, I crutched my way to the exit with my friends. What had happened? Our date had been fun. He said he would take me on another. And even though our texting was minimal, it was always flirtatious.
I had almost reached the door when someone came running up behind me. There was Mr. Lowe, wanting to say hi. He was so genuine. Perhaps, just maybe, he really hadn't seen me at all that night. He enveloped me in another awkward crutch hug and told me that he would see me on Sunday.

As weak and dramatic as I seem on this blog, I would like to hope that I put on a brave face in public. Even if Mr. Lowe isn't interested in me at all, I thought, I will be mature about this. Maybe the pre-mission Romantic would have confronted him about it. But the new Romantic would be friendly and smiling. And no one would be the wiser that I had ever shed a tear for Mr. Lowe. (Except all of you, that is)

Sunday was pleasant. The conference was uplifting. Just what I needed. I was in good spirits the next time I saw Mr. Lowe. But the metal chairs were wearing on my Grandma hip, and just before the start of the fireside, I decided it would be a good idea to take a Percoset.

I'm afraid, dear readers, that from then on, my memory gets a little fuzzy. I think I flirted outrageously with more than a few men (Mr. Lowe being among them). Luckily, they all thought it was endearing.

Which brings me to the next plot twist. I arrived home that night in a drug induced stupor. Mr. E unfortunately caught me on Facebook at the time. I can't explain all the ends and outs of our conversation because frankly, it's quite boring. Suffice it to say dear readers, I didn't take your advice concerning him the first time, seriously enough. He must be deranged. That is the only explanation I can think of to condone this sort of behavior. He's constantly acting “the friend” one conversation. And then the next time I talk to him, he gets possessive and defensive about the idea of me dating other guys. “Helllllllo!” I want to say, “We've never even been out on one date! What makes you think you have the right to own me?” The last time we “spoke” (facebook chatted), he insisted that my reasoning behind not wanting to date him was just that I was scared; meaning I'm too scared to actually commit and be in a relationship.
Darn right I'm scared! Scared you have a shrine built in my honor in the back of your closet. Or that you might just pull out a meat cleaver to chop my body into tiny little pieces so you can keep me all to yourself. I haven't spoken to him since he said I was just too “scared” to date him. And now dear readers, here comes my question: Do you think my silence is getting my message across? Or do I need to say anything more? And heaven forbid I run into him on campus next week. I can only imagine what a nightmare that would be.

And now, back to Mr. Lowe:
He facebook chatted with me yesterday, to see if I'd gotten over the pain medication of Sunday. And somehow, he convinced me to finally translate the Korean I'd sent him a few days after I had surgery (where I told him he was very pogunhaeyo looking).
So I told him, “Cuddley.... it means cuddley”
To which he said, “You're so cute.”
And then there was once of these :)

Looks like we have Provo to figure out if you're right.” he then said.

So, in conclusion I may or not have a potential relationship on my hands with Mr. Lowe, and a serial killer who might be hiding in behind the shower curtain in my bathroom this very minute.

But I remain hopeful, and forever yours,

-the Romantic

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Anonymous said...

When you get to Provo I would treat them as "common and indifferent acquaintances" and find a whole new group of dating choices. I may go so far as blocking or eliminating them from your Facebook accounts yourself or have a friend due it by hacking or pirating your account. No relationship should ever be built on this much awkwardness. It's a new year and the world is full of amazing new opportunities so don't limit yourself by these two examples of the male gender you deserve better.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you have a serial killer on your hands as well as a very interesting man that I just can't seem to believe "didn't see you." Are you kidding me?! I agree, you deserve much better, even though Mr. Lowe sounds great sometimes. Maybe he is just dumb like most boys. :D Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I had a Mr. E all through winter semester and found that ignoring him did nothing to help the situation. Ultimately, I had to confront him four times - each at an increased level of blunt (which really just translates to 'harsh'). I felt like I was being awful and mean, but it was the only thing that worked!