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8/22/2012 The Romantic 4 Comments

It's not my day to post, but today I couldn't help myself. 

I had to share the cruel twisted hand that fate dealt me last weekend. 

Last Friday night, quite spur of the moment mind you, I decided to go to the temple with my mum. I love the temple. I was looking for some good quiet time to mediate on my "love life". Sadly, I think I've returned from my mission as one of those people that's obsessed with getting married. I reason with myself that that this is ok, because everyone else seems to be obsessed with my getting married as well (even my 9 year old sister has taken to asking me what qualities I look for in a man). 
So I went to the temple with a sincere prayer that I stop freaking out so much about the "M" word. 

There's a funny thing about going to the temple on a Friday night though. It's usually date night. (Insert my ironic look here)  But the really interesting part of the story comes next. 

As I'm walking out of the front doors of the temple, I see a figure that looks suspiciously like Mr. Lowe. 

"You have got to be kidding me," I thought. 

But it was no joke. There was Mr. Lowe, with a group of friends from out of town. 

WHAT WERE THE ODDS!?!? Seriously!? Seriously! Friday night at nine o'clock, and Mr. Lowe just happens to be hanging out at the temple. 

We chatted. My mom practically interrogated him with all the ruthlessness of a police detective. Nothing too personal, just the usual "What's your major?" "Where did you go on your mission?" "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I'm certain if there was a bright light to flash into his eyes, she would've used it. 

We bid farewell, and said we would see each other on Sunday, as I was to speak in his ward. 

Just when I'm determined to forget the fellow he pops every where! 

Normally, I go to the singles ward here, but being my last Sunday, I decided to attend my family ward. 

And who do you think was the first person I saw when I walked in? If you guessed Mr. Lowe again, you would be quite correct. His best friend was speaking in my ward, so he decided to come and listen. 

After my Sacrament meeting ended, we waited for his to start. We talked about BYU. He offered to pick me up from the airport if I needed a ride. I still haven't decided whether I should take him up on it or not. 

Before his ward started, he set me up on the stand with my little headphones so he could translate the rest of Sacrament meeting for me. His voice is perrrrrrrfect. 

Afterwards, he scurried off to go teach a class. I texted him that he looked very stylish in his suit (well, I said it in Korean). And then he texted me that I looked pretty (which was totally cheating because his wrote it an a language so obscure, it's not on google translate. so i had to ask his cousin for help) 

So, it seems things are promising. No? 

Mr. Lowe really is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. And after everything I've been through the past four years (almost engaged, cheated on, mission, surgery twice), I just want to date a nice boy. 

Maybe there's hope. 

I guess there's Provo to find out. But I'm not holding my breath. 

-the Romantic 

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Katrina said...

Have him pick you up from the airport! It will give you guys an hour to talk and connect. And heck, maybe you'll even be able to figure out his true feelings about you! Trust me, I-15 is perfect for talking things out with awkward and/confusing people. :-)

The Charmer said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Katrina. And oh, I just love this! I'm so bummed I have to leave right on the verge of a possible Mr. Lowe love story.


Let him pick you up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Mr. Lowe who ignored you or worse didn't "see" you at recent functions in crutches and was having a great time with other women is one of the nicest people you know? You should get out more. The other thought is he knows your secret identity and is playing with you and enjoying the sport to see how you react. Could be a romantic comedy or drama. The story line is up to you.