The Cat Lady

6/26/2011 The Romantic 4 Comments

So I actually can't stand cats.

I'm a dog girl. Dogs and I have a lot in common. Fiercely loyal. Friendly. Fiercely loyal.

Ok, so I can't actually think of that many similarities between myself and dogs (which is quite possibly a very good thing). But the point I'm trying to make is that I am a dog girl through and through. It's my Germanic blood I suppose.

Which is why it's so weird that I've become obsessed with cats lately. I just think they're ridiculous. I mean really, why do pictures like this exist?

This new found fascination has led my room mates to brand me as the cat lady.

The spinsterhood is strong with this one. (yes, that's right. i just made a star war's reference)

I just hope I don't end up like this girl:


Ciao Bellas ;-)
-the Romantic

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Madison said...

hahahahha.... not much to say besides haha!

Heidi said...

Wow. That is awful. Is that for real? I hope she doesn't really think she will get a guy that way. sorry, that was mean, but seriously!

Rose Red said...

I have been sent that video at least twice by people fortelling it as my own future. Also, I just thought you ladies should know you have inspired us to begin our own blog detailing the woes of being wooed (and the good parts, too!)

Anjelica said...

oh myyyyy... there are not words to describe my laughter!