The tortured soul artist types

6/18/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

I have a type.

Which you probably figured out about me already.

I love a damaged, needy, artistic boy.

And the older I get, the more picky I get about it too.

But there's this boy in my ward who intrigues me (for lack of a better term).

He's definitely not the tortured soul artist type. He's more of a jock that wants to be an investment banker type.

We met at a FHE a few weeks ago. We talked about blogging (don't worry, I didn't tell him about this blog. I learned my lesson). I added him on facebook, wrote on his wall even.

The next time we met, he didn't remember who I was.
At first this infuriated me.
But then, he tried to make up for it that night I think. That's when the intrigue started. When he started quoting Isaac Newton, and told me he'd read Jane Eyre, my interest was peaked.

But then, I saw him again last night. And he didn't remember my name again!
It just boggles my mind how he understands the stock market (because who really does anyway?), but he can't remember any of me or my room mates names. (though he's hung out with us all on several occasions)

Well, let's just say he won't be forgetting my name after last night. I made sure of that.

Now, now; I'm not saying I'm interested. But this whole thing has made me think. Is it possible for me to like a non-artiste?

And what if I end up marrying a jock?

I guess anything is possible.

ciao bellas
-the Romantic

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Rachel said...

you would have been super stoked to get van gogh's ear.

don't deny it.

Kelli said...

I actually just talked last night with a guy about "types." And we discussed how it seems like most people end up with significant others who aren't the "type" that they always pursued. This actually makes sense, if you think about it...maybe the reason things don't work out with guys is because they're all the same type. And even though you think this "type" is perfect for you, one day you find someone different and realize..."Wait a second, I was wrong! THIS is the guy I've always wanted!"