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4/28/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

There has been a boy in the ward that I have had a crush on since I first saw him over a year ago.

But he was dating someone. And it looked like it was going towards marriage, so I never got the chance to even talk to him very much. Then they broke up.

But I was dating Sweater Guy.

And then Sweater Guy and I broke up. And it's taken me, oh, 8 months to get over him. (which is just about as long as we dated if you do the math right)

I've gotten to know this perfect guy better over the past couple weeks, and more has come out about how perfect he really is.
He's a member of the model UN.
He volunteers with inner city kids.
He graduated in the top 5% of his class.

Basically, the list goes on and on. Hence my creeper love for him.

I always thought he was too good for me. Forget being out of my league, it's as though we lived on separate planets.
But now I'm thinking maybe not.

Which is why when he invited me to go to Zion's this weekend, I said yes. He also invited my roomie (too bad she has class! i'm just kidding girl, you know i love you)

Every girl in the ward is practically in love with Mr. Perfect. We've all told him numerous times that any girl in the ward would die to go out with him. He doesn't believe us, which just adds to his humble charm.

But he's also leaving in a month to do Teach for America....

I think I'm turning into quite the flirt. I don't know how it happened. Maybe it started when I began living with my roomies, who are the fabled type of girls that go out on multiple dates a week. But, if there's any time to start embracing this new aspect of myself, I suppose it should be now! Get ready Mr. Perfect, you and I are gonna have lots of fun this weekend (insert elbow grab here).

-the Romantic

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Kelli said...

Teach for America! Dang, he gets a gold star in my book. I really want to do TFA :)
Where's he teaching?

Camille said...

Love it!
And probably him, too, if I met him! Sounds like a winner--go for it!!