The Dating Fireside or Hope for the Creeper

4/11/2011 The Romantic 1 Comments

Do you remember when you were a beehive(or deacon) and any lessons in church on chastity/dating/courtship/marriage etc. just sent you into fits of giggles?

Well I'm here to testify that even at 21, firesides like that will still send us all into fits of giggles.

In efforts to get to know our new bishopric, we had a dating panel fireside last night. And I could not stop giggling in the back row. But I wasn't the only one! I would just like to make that clear.

But I thought you might like to know the answer to some questions that were asked last night. (strangely enough, most questions were asked from the boys' perspective.... but the answers are still pretty funny nonetheless)

How often should I go on dates?
-It's different for everyone, but at least a couple times a month.
-When you find yourself interested in someone and wanting to get to know them better.
-(this one was my favorite answer) well you take the sacrament once a week... so... you know the answer (ha!)

How do I keep myself from getting nervous in front of girls I'm interested in?

-Tell yourself not to expect too much. And then when it turns out the way you expected, tell yourself you knew it would turn out that way. And if it turns out better than you expected, well good for you!!!

Do you have any embarrassing dating stories you'd like to share from when you were still dating?

-(the high council man of our ward's wife answered this one... CLASSIC stuff is about to follow)
This is going to make me sound like a stalker, but I promise, I'm not. Roger and I had dated all through high school, and we wrote the first year through his mission. But the second year we didn't really write much. When he was about to come home, my friend and I decided that we would go to the airport, just to see what he looked like. Just outta curiosity, ya know. Well, back then, women used to go around selling wigs like they sell tupperware now. (Thank goodness the 70's are over) And my mom was one of those ladies. So my friend and I borrowed a couple of those wigs, dressed up as 40 year old women and went to the airport. Mine was a Ferrah Fawcett type wig....We even sat near his family in the terminal and they talked to us, but had no idea who we were. When Roger finally got off the plane, we were too embarrassed to be there anymore, so we left! But as I was getting into my car in the parking lot, Roger saw me! So when I saw him a few days later I pretended to be so surprised to see how much he'd grown. But he totally called me out on being at the airport in disguise! I was so embarrassed.

Well, folks, those are all the notes I wrote down. I hope you enjoyed. That last story is my absolute new favorite dating story. That couple has now been married for over 30 years. It gives hope to all us creepers right?

Good luck with finals if you're here at the Y! Try not to procrastinate too much. But if you are, check out how cute this is.

nighty night dear readers
-the Romantic

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Lisa said...

I LOVE that you went to the airport in disguise! That sounds like an unforgettable memory to me! I would have totally done it with you ;) hahaha! just love it.