Could have been

4/19/2011 The Romantic 3 Comments

The semester is almost over.

Have you told you told that boy you've been eying all year how you really feel?

Well, have you?

My mushy finals brain is just urging you to just say it!

(Also, I'm procrastinating studying. Two scheduled finals tomorrow and a cleaning check. YIKES!)

-the Romantic

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Emily said...

I WISH. but i'm leaving to africa in a week and a half! dang it.

joe said...

Interesting blog.
I see you have four other compadres, but uh... you're the only one that seems to be posting. (at least in the present, I chanced across this not too long ago and haven't spent an especial time cruising through the archives.
I have always been quite against mormon dating. Just saying that now.
I read a few entries, and while it still gives me the shivers (not the good kind) to think about it, dating multiple people at the same time seems to be an acceptable behaviour at BYU. And so I will.
The sad part: not because I think it's better or good or what have you, because I don't like that that's the way it works here.
Yeah, I see how idiotic and childish the motivation for my decision is.

Best of luck!

joe said...

Oh P.S., LOVE the video. I need to do a better job saying what I mean.