Trouble in Paradise

4/25/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

So there's a huge list of pros to Mr. Ute:
He's sweet to the core.
He treats me like a queen.
He's great with kids.
He's incredibly smart (there's that pre-Med thing).
He has great taste in music.
He's fun.

But there's also a list of cons:
He doesn't get art (when I was showing him pictures I took in Rome, he commented on the amount of naked statues in my pictures. It was pictures of the statues in the Vatican!!!The Laocoon is not pornographic. Sorry....)
He baby talks me. I can't abide baby talk. Especially since I'm a 21 year old woman.
He wants to be a doctor. Which is so great! But I've always said I don't want to end up with a doctor. Too many hours. I want my hubby to be home with the family more.
He lives far away. Which wouldn't be a problem, except he never calls. He only texts. I need more substance.
He calls me his. Like I'm his property. We've been dating for a month. I am not his property.
Usually I'm fine with PDA, but he shows tooo much PDA.

There's more. But I'll spare you the gritty details.

And last night, I finally decided that the cons are out weighing the pros.

I was really upset about my Grandma being in the hospital. I needed to decide whether or not to go home. And talking to Mr. Ute just made me even more upset. He just doesn't get me. He didn't say the things I needed to hear.

So, dear readers, I think it's time to cut the cord before he gets anymore invested.

I feel sick about it. He really is this amazing guy. And by all means, I should be head over heels for him. But I'm just not.

-the Romantic

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Kelli said...

Oh, boo! I know EXACTLY what you mean about feeling sick about it. I had that same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach all day yesterday knowing that I needed to have "that chat" with my boyfriend.

I'm sorry that things didn't work out. But how about we embark into the world of new boys together? :)

Heidi said...