Awkward Times in the Laundry Room: A guest Post

4/07/2011 The Romantic 0 Comments

I hate the laundry room. People always seem to walk in right as you’re pulling your undies out of the dryer. I hate making awkward conversation with random acquaintances, and I hate it even more when I’m washing my clothes.

Today was no different. I was pulling my undies out of the dryer (see, timing is everything) and he walks in. EQP is beautiful. I like to refer to him as my husband. He has been in my ward at church since August, and we’ve yet to have a real conversation – but that hasn’t stopped me from being “madly in love with him” because I totally am. I didn’t see him at first, but then he walked past me (again, as I’m pulling out my undies) and says hello.

EQP: Hey.

Um, why are randos talking to me in the laundry room? I turn around.


Me: Oh, hey.

EQP: Anna*, right?

Me: Yeah. And I know I’m suppose to know you’re name, but I don’t…

Good job Philosopher. Try and be smooth. I’m totally lying, and he knows it. I creep on him every Sunday and sometimes during the week, of course I know his full name. First, last, middle. I’m good.

EQP: It’s ____ (what if he’s secretly in love with me and stalks my blog? I CANNOT REVEAL THIS INFORMATION. Well. I could.) Nice laundry, Anna*.

Crap. The undies.

Me: Haha, well thanks. You too I guess?

EQP: Haha I guess.

Me: Well, have a nice day.

EQP: You too, see ya.

I grab my laundry bag and sprit out of there. Did I mention I was barefoot? Maybe that makes me seem ~down to earth. No, you’re right, it just makes me a crazy girl.

We’re so meant for each other, right?

-the Philosopher

*name has been changed... of course

tres awkward indeed... thanks for this one Philosopher.
Undie moments are just as awkward as turning down a boy for a third date now that you have a boyfriend. Most awkward phone call of my entire life... Sorry Egg Guy

Have a lovely Thursday!

-the Romantic

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