Curiosity Killed the Cat

3/31/2010 bekah 7 Comments

I am dying. Really, the anticipation just might kill me.

Blind date. Friday night. With someone in my ward.

My roomie and her boyfriend are setting me up. And they absolutely will not tell me who it is. No matter how much I threaten them. All my room mate will tell me is that I will be in a huge debt of gratitude to her later once I find out who it is.

I'm usually fine with blind dates if I can get the guy's name first to do some skilled facebook stalking. But not knowing is KILLING me!!!!!

So dear readers, what say ye about blind dates?

-the Romantic

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Camille said...

blind dates always make for the best stories.
hope he's a hottie!

loveli said... brother ended up marrying a blind date...

Anonymous said...

Only went on one, and the guy took me home after he asked me if everyone in my family was active in the church and I said no. So... not the best experience, but it makes for a story. If I weren't married I would still be open to them - good ones happen all the time. Good luck!

Alisha said...

My worst date ever was a blind date...but so was my best date ever. Hmmm....

blind dates are kind of like my worst nightmare.

good luck?

Kelly said...

i've had some interesting blind dates that only lasted the one night, but i also met my husband through a blind date set up by my roommate, so be optimistic about them!

Lauren said...

I have a good friend who is blind and I'm sure she makes a great date :)