The Friend Zone

3/23/2010 bekah 0 Comments

Being the delightfully sweet and thoughtful person that I am, I somehow always seem to end up in the friend zone.

I can't tell you how many texts I've gotten that say:

You are the greatest! Thanks for everything you do, and just being you! :0)

Really guys? I keep hoping that one of them will pull a Mr. Knightley, where he's secretly in love with me, and then finally realizes it. And then confesses said undying love.

But alas, I'm stuck in the friend zone.

When I got a text this semester from one of these male friends that said, "I want to talk", I was secretly hopeful. Instead, he called later that night to talk about reasons why I should serve a mission.
(insert deep sigh full of meaning here)
Maybe some day.
-The Romantic

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