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3/22/2010 The Virgin 4 Comments

I had my own plans for the evening. I was going to see Sherlock Holmes with my roommate and her cousin, The Super RM. However, the film did not start until later that night and I was left to myself, alone in the apartment. Rather than work on my papers and pretend to be thoroughly interested in the basketball game. I decided to have a little fun and text Mr. Suds. After typical texting banter, he inquired after my plans for the evening. I informed him of my "very exciting" dollar theater plans. To which he replied that perhaps we could do something "fun" after. I had an idea of what that meant...

The movie ended up being a quote unquote date. The Man Hater opted out and wrote her paper instead. I was thus able to enjoy a somewhat awkward cuddle sesh with the SRM, who has been home for a mere three weeks.

Upon rushing home, I saw SRM to his car and ran up to my apartment. After a quick consultation with the girls, I sent Mr. Suds a text telling him I was home. He asked if I would like to come over. Psh yeah. A skype date/fashion show ensued with the Heart Breaker and the Coquette. With not a minute to spare Mr. Suds was there to pick me up.

He and I spooned on the couch while watching a movie. It ended and we stayed there for a bit. Somehow we ended up on the Lovesack. The next few seconds are a complete blur, he grabbed my face and started kissing me. I was thrown into the deep end. No amount of mental preparation could have helped me. Somehow I had to figure out a way to fumble my way through a make out. After moments of awkwardness, I was finally was able to hold my own as well as one could in my situation. It was a mere 20 minutes, but being the stickler I am for bedtimes, I adamantly told him that I should probably go home.

He dropped me off and there were excited phone calls and texts with emotions similar to that of a birth of a child.

And I did receive the obligatory text the day afterward....

Ciao lovelies,
The Virgin

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Are you still allowed to sign "The Virgin"?

The Virgin said...

I've thought about this myself. And I've decided that I'm going to keep it. Even though I've kissed someone, I'm still as naive about certain things as before.

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