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I am mildly freaking out.

My room mate/best friend, who is now engaged and luckily done with the awkward dating scene, once described her dating-soul animal as a fawn. Which means that she was skittish around men if they came to close. Too much attention, and she would bolt!

I'm not exactly sure what my soul animal is, but after last night, I'm feeling pretty fawn-ish.

I had a few ideas about who the date might be with. And my top guess was correct.
Enter in Jean-Claude.

Jean-Claude is a legitimate African. Who speaks French. And who has lived in Paris.
Oh, excuse me Jean-Claude, would you like to whisper sweet french nothings in my ear? Because I'd certainly be ok with that.

It was a simple double date. We grabbed some Little Ceaser's, headed back to our apartment, ate said pizza and some delicious ice cream, and then decorated easter eggs.

I'm not really sure how I feel about him. The date was ok. We talked about baguettes and cheese, gelatto, and Europe (which I miss dearly, did I mention that's where I was last semester?).

But here's where I freaked out.
I got the vibe. Do you know the vibe I'm talking about girls?
He's attracted to me, I can tell. But if he comes on too strong, I might just pull a Bambi and bolt myself.
We were done decorating eggs, it had been a few hours, and I had friends coming in from Rexburg. But he wouldn't leave. And I was ready for the date to be over. But I guess he wasn't. Thank goodness he had to run back to campus to finish a finance project (did I mention he's in the Business school?). But then he wanted to come back and watch a movie! at like 12!

Calm down buddy! I can only handle so much.
I told him my friends were in town, and that I'd already planned on visiting with them last night.
Reality: I drove to SLC with them for a huge Tongan party.

Too much attention just freaked me out. Slow down Jean-Claude.... SLOW DOWN! Let's just be friends for now... s'il vous plaît?

-The Romantic

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Anonymous said...

shout out to future BYU lady! glad you enjoy our blog. as you can read, you have much to look forward to!

-the Romantic