The thing about small towns.

1/16/2015 The Lady 1 Comments

I have been living at my parents' house for about five weeks, but now that Christmas and New Year's and all the family mayhem that comes with the holidays are over, I am finally settling into a routine. It is good to be home. I am back in my bedroom, I am playing my own piano, my mom is cooking me food. But you know, an anti-social Friday night with roommates is very different than an anti-social Friday night with your parents. I need some hobbies or something. Maybe knitting? 

I suspect the town could sense a disturbance once I crossed the town line. People are just coming out of the woodwork to find me love, telling me they have single nephews or cousins or brothers or sons or coworkers they have been dying to set me up with. Some of these men have children, some of these men currently have girlfriends, some of these men I am fairly certain are gay. Nevertheless, according to oh-so-caring former Young Women's leaders, mothers of friends, and other women I don't know that well, all of those are mere hurdles. 

I am none too worried though. Most people are just full of hot air or wishful thinking or whatever that is. But have you ever had people try to set you up on dates simply because you and one other person they know are single?

The Lady

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Anonymous said...

Oh bless their hearts. hahaha