A Happy Farewell

2/15/2013 The Closer 7 Comments

Oh lovely readers. Have you wondered where I fell off the earth and died to? I would like to think that you have been chomping at the bit to know what the updates are from where we left off with Mr. Manager

Well, if you must know... I haven't been around because I have been busy falling in love! Dating Mr. Manager has been one of the best choices that I have ever made. Ladies, I'm telling you, not dating a man because he is shorter than me was a silly decision. I would not trade him for any tall man in the world.

I've found out a little more about what was going on in his mind when I was wondering why he was tossing rocks at my window, or making comments about marriage. As it turns out, he always found himself a little confused at his desire to be around me all the time, and at the fact that I was always on his mind. The thought had crossed my mind to ask me on a date at various points, but I had made all too many comments early on about how we could never date because of the height difference. (Doh! If I'd have only known.) I finally made enough sideways comments and suggestions about that no longer being the case that he decided to ask me out.

Truth be told, I think the timing of it all was perfect. I think I needed to only see him as a friend, so I could trust the way I felt about him. And I needed to take the time to be sure it was worth a try to date a shorter man. I've always been prone to getting swept off of my feet, but with Mr. Manager, I fell in love with my head first, and then my heart, so I trust it so much more. And let me tell you, the way I love him now is incredible. I've been in love before, but never like this.

Once we started to date, everything felt like it was falling into place. The walls that we had both kept up for so long got to come down, and I have never felt so cherished.

I say all of this leading up to an announcement....

Mr. Manager and I are engaged.

And have been for a month or so now, and are getting married at the end of March.

So what this means for The Closer- is that she is saying farewell. On to bigger shorter and better things!

Writing for this blog has been so fun, and Mr. Manager appreciates all of you being my cheerleaders in deciding to take a shot in dating him. Good luck to you all in that BYU dating world!

Yours Truly, for the last time,

The Closer (soon to be Mrs. Manager)

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so exciting...but will you please tell us a bit more before you sign off for good???

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! So glad you took a chance at dating him . He seemed just right for you! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Well done! I was so excited about your last post and wondered how the holidays went for you two. How wonderful! Congratulations on your engagement and best wished on your (soon-to-be) new life together.

PS I've got a short(ish) guy friend who is pretty hung up on height. He's passed up a few tall girls even though they had a great time or whatever...it was just awkward for him as soon as they'd stand up. Any words of advice from Mr. Manager? How did he move past that (or was it really ever an issue for him?)? I have another good friend who is taller than her husband and she rocks her heels. It's not awkward looking at all because they aren't awkward. She's confident with her height and loves her heels and he's insanely awesome as well. I wish there wasn't such a big deal about height! Look how happy you are! :)

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you. I was starting to think y'all were spinsters on here. ;)

Heidi said...

This post made me so excited! I love your story! This is one of those things that simultaneously makes you really want a guy who makes you feel like a million dollars and who cherishes you, and that makes you feel like you will actually find that guy someday. Good luck to you and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Mozel Tov! May your lives together be filled with wonder and joy.
Mr. Bennett

Anonymous said...

A Closer in more than simply your name! Congrats!!!