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It's been so long since I've written dear readers that I'm not sure I actually remember the last time I graced your eyes with one of my lovely posts. I would apologize, but the truth is, I'm not actually sorry. I ended up giving myself this horrible schedule with no breaks from 8-5 every day. There's not even time to eat food! What kind of life is that!? I have to sneak hurried bites of PB&J during my internship of class.

Suffice it to say, I've had little time to date. But I thought I'd update you on a few things.

Remember Drummer Boy? It's alright if you don't. I'll refresh your memory. He is a glorious specimen of man  mostly because of his large stature and musical prowess. He's way beyond my league and my attempts to talk to him usually end up going something like this.

"Hey Romantic. How was your weekend?"

"Uhhd iea fpioeh (red face)...." 

As he then slowly backs away I whisper to my friends who listened to the whole exchange "He really does know my name!!!!!!!" While they whisper back, "Stop making it so obvious."

So we made a breakfast date between our two houses only to realize that the intended date (as in date, not you know, "date") was fast Sunday.


So after much debate, we re-scheduled for the following Sunday. I was elated! A friend! A real guy friend! And he was attractive to boot! Later that week, he posted a status about playing in a show on campus. My friends and I decided to go. We arrived right when the music began (my bad). He gave me a nod, smile, and dare I say it, there was a little twinkle in his eye. We didn't talk too much after the performance, but I also fell a little bit in love with his room mate who was also playing. WHAT IS IT ABOUT MUSICIANS!?

We didn't have too much contact after that. And as usual, I over analyzed ever textual conversation between us before the aforementioned breakfast.

The morning of the breakfast finally dawned. I woke up early to prepare my Sunday School lesson when I noticed I had four texts. FOUR TEXTS. All from Mr. Drummer Boy.

He was cancelling. I knew it. I just knew it. What was I thinking? This kid was entirely too cool to be friends with me.

Much to my surprise, they were actually confirmation texts!

They described his dedication to breakfast despite the fact that it was 3 in the morning, he'd just gotten done playing a show in Salt Lake, it was snowing BUCKETS, and he'd just gotten rear-ended by some drunkards on the freeway. But he was still preparing and eager for breakfast the next morning.

10 points for Gryffindor!

I was elated, but every step towards his house for breakfast made me more and more nervous. Vomit was coming up with every foot fall. (Not really) I hang out with men so rarely theses days, even the smallest interaction sends me into a nervous tale-spin.

But breakfast was actually pretty fantastic. He did make fun of my Western Family pancake mix. But then he and his gorgeous hunk of a room mate cooked the entire meal.

"Sit back ladies. We want to serve you," they said.

Drummer Boy looked exhausted, and I felt a little badly about that. But his room mate... I don't even know where to begin. He was using words like pejorative. And talking about symphonies. And was just being so blasted intelligent.

Basically I love them both. But I think The Room mate is dating someone. (Which is perhaps the biggest disappointment I've faced thus far in my young life. Did I mention he's a democrat? Which doesn't mean much except for I'm pretty staunchly conservative. And there's just something about the "bad boy" democrat that my parents wouldn't whole-heartedly approve of that makes me love him all the more)

Before I left, I asked the whole house to come to my Sunday School lesson. And then somehow, after Sacrament Meeting, they all disappeared to unknown locations except for The Room mate (who assured me in the most reassuring manner that they all had to leave but it was for good reasons). The Room mate said my lesson was the best he's heard in awhile. That was nice.

But that's the last I've seen of them besides a head nod at church from Drummer Boy the week after.

They often leave the Provo area to play gigs on the weekends, so it's been difficult to keep up the creeper lovin'.

(Gigs. They play gigs.) 

As I recounted this story to my friend the other night, she excitedly said, "I can't believe you're friends with those guys! That is so cool."

"I'm not actually friends with them. I had breakfast at their house. Once."

And now for a tangent on this novel of a post. I finally had a good date for the ward date activity. It was my FHE dad. The one who has intrigued me romantically in the past. We went motorcycle riding after the activity. There were three couples that went on this little venture, and it was quite interesting because one couple was TOTALLY into each other. One guy was just kind of there. I'm pretty sure the girl with him is into FHE dad hard core. And then there was me. It was fun. But when I tried to send a flirtatious text to FHE Dad after, thanking him for the ride (just to practice, ya know?) it fell pretty flat and I'm not sure he got what I was doing.

Oh well. Such is the life right?

Until next time,
-the Romantic

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