"Do not give way to useless alarm"

2/11/2013 The Blue Stocking 5 Comments

Three weeks ago I talked to a guy in church who ditched 2nd hour to chat with me. This week we would meet again in a more dramatic fashion.

Do you know that feeling you get when you go into a room and you can tell that someone is watching you? It's similar to the feeling of knowing some form of electricity is on the second you walk into a room. Well this Sunday when I entered the chapel I felt someone watching me. Which was later confirmed when I spotted the culprit. It was the guy who will now be called The Ditcher. Maybe he'll get a better name in the future...or maybe not.

After sacrament I had to take a friend home and when I reached the parking lot I heard my name called out. The Ditcher had followed me. He made some sarcastic comment about me always leaving church early (I do believe this is the first time he has witnessed me do that, but whatever) to which I responded very cleverly that I would be back...ok I was off my game.

When I finally returned an hour later he was there waiting in the lobby. I made the necessary comment of "do you ever go to class" and I walked away. Sometimes I can be short with people.

As I walked down the hall he came running after me. This commotion foretold in-explainable awkwardness which switched me into survival mode and I had the flashing instinct that I needed to run. Which is ridiculous for three reasons:

      a. I was in a church building

      b. I was wearing three-inch heals

      c. My pursuer was not wielding a chainsaw.

When he finally caught up to me my trusty companion bolted down the hall (to laugh maliciously I'm sure) while I stood there as waves of awkwardness pounded down on me. Then he uttered a pretty decent line "Hey I had a good time talking to you a while ago and I'm interested in doing that again. How does that sound to you?" Before I knew it he had my number and I was sitting in relief society recounting my tale to my once again trusty friend.

Also, in honor of Valentine's Day, the guys ambushed our Relief Society lesson to bring us ring pops (oh gosh) and chocolate (oh yes). The only uncomfortable part was when they each went around choosing girls to give the rings too. It took me back to jr high when we choose players for kick ball teams and everyone was deathly afraid of being chosen last. That look once again returned to our eyes as the guys made their way around the room. Luckily I didn't have to wait to long for a cute guy to introduce himself and hand over the ring (if only diamonds were that easily attained).

Overall, I didn't like the process, but I loved the product.

Now I wait for the Ditcher to call. Let's hope I answer the phone. I've been known to treat incoming calls like ticking time bombs to which I throw them under my mattress and vacate the room. It's taken 22 years, but I'm slowly coming to realize why I'm still single.

-The Bluestocking

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Anonymous said...

I love this story, and I think I want your life!

Heidi said...

i'm a little confused as to whether you like this guy or not. You seem to paint him in an annoying light and yet you don't seem to mind giving him your number and waiting for him to call you.


I'm a little confused too.


P.S. He's not annoying and I did mind.

Anonymous said...

He sounds sweet. Except for the creeper-waiting...I think that was a great line. I'd love that to be used on me someday!

Marigold said...

Dear Bluestocking,

You're my favorite blogger. You literally make me laugh out loud and say, "ME TOO!" Way to go.