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12/04/2011 The Blue Stocking 12 Comments

I realize dear reader that I keep introducing guys onto this blog and yet nothing big has happened. Such is my life. But I have to say something has changed. For the most part I have gone through life without finding guys that I find interesting enough to pursue. In fact, before this semester I can chalk my crushes up to maybe three guys. Three.

This being said I do believe that you will join with me in my astonishing account of three guys this semester that I like. Three. And when I say like I mean I have known them for more than a month and after spending time with them I still feel my curiosity pushing me to known more. It's pure madness people!

Once again I feel like I must say this never happens to me, I have always had the problem that I can never find a guy that I wanted to spend all my time with! Now you’re probably wondering who these three fine fellows are. Well I have already shown you two...

Conner: The guy who I have complained to be always around and now I find myself enjoying our run-ins and hang-outs a little too much...

Service Guy: The guy that I know o so well and spend a little too much time flirting with, and yet outside forces push us apart. Yes, that’s right our story has forbidden like thrown in the mix of everyday life.

Now Introducing The Reader! First, let me comment on how much it delights me to find a guy who loves reading {I should also say that Conner and SG also love to read, but not in the same light as this magnificent gent}. I met the reader in a literature class {insert sigh here}, but instead of finding him to be an intellectual snob, he is quite brilliant without an ounce of arrogance and his witty comments are most hilarious. I just began to notice him three weeks ago and ever since I have been smitten.

I first noticed him outside of class in the library. I was in the no sh zone getting ready to print off my paper for our lit class when I saw him sitting next to me and then it hit me, "I know him," and then another thought hit me, 'wow, he's really cute'. So I ever so causally leaned over and said "I think we're in the same class. Hi, I'm the Blue Stocking" and then we got into a fun little conversation about our papers and our love for books. I then left to go pick up my paper from the printer and he waited for me so we could walk to class together. Now you're probably thinking "wow Blue Stocking, you haven't screwed this up..." o just wait reader.

Now I need to introduce the other guy from my lit class. Let's call him Mark. Mark and I have become fast friends. He is extremely funny and we love being goofy and silly around each other. During our friendship we have teamed up on all the class projects and we even formed a group of friends in class.

Well The Reader and I got to class and just as I hoped he walked with me to my usual chair in order to find one for himself. Then it all went wrong. Mark yelled out my name and signaled for me to come sit by a spot with no surrounding seats. The Reader was then forced to awkwardly turn around and find room elsewhere. Blast!

After this disastrous incident I spent the next week maneuvering myself in a position to sit in-between Mark and The Reader. Now the question is how do I get The Reader to know that Mark and I are not a thing?! Double Blast.

But even with Mark on my other side, The Reader and I have managed to have the most amusing conversations during class. I am certain that he is interested in me even if it is only in the slightest degree. I say this with great caution because I do not want to assume anything, but the fact that he is always finding reasons to whisper witty comments that reduce us both to fits of laughter makes me suspicious. And then there's just something in the way he looks at me, which is very important {I’m not making this up, just consult Shakespeare about the importance of looks}. But now I face the dilemma of getting Mark out of the way and having The Reader ask me out before the semester runs out {only one week left!}.

So these three guys lead up to the question of who I like best?!

I can never fully decide if I like SG. Some days I think we would be perfect together and other days I think the effort our relationship would take out-weighs the benefits. Though we did have a wonderful time together this weekend sigh...

Conner is a mystery. I don’t think we have a whole lot in common, but I love talking to him and he is very funny. But I realize that I have done a lot of stupid things concerning him and even I’m willing to admit that yes, I am confusing, but still if he wanted something to happen he could make it happen. Right?! I was also with him this weekend and when I came home from our little outing I felt more confused than ever.

The Reader {sigh} is the least known and yet I feel like he is the most promising. I really want to get to know him better, but with the semester winding down and I don’t know if anything will happen!

It probably seems like I should be freaking out about these boy issues, but the fact is I’m really not. For so long I was worried that my type of guy would never come around and now I have found three guys who fit and expound that type.

The beautiful part about these guys is that they surround every aspect of my life, so much so that I go from one hour to the next spending time with each. I must say it’s a fantastic way to spend one’s day. So even if I don’t end up dating any of them I’m just glad I met them. I’m glad to know that they exist.

P.S. I also have noticed the fact that my dating life took off the second I started writing for this blog. Coincidence? I think not. So thank you, I quite enjoy going on dates and meeting such fine fellows.

P.P.S I called Library guy on Friday!.... and got his answering machine.

P.P.P.S It's Sunday night and still no call. That's not a bad sign right?! Ya you're right, it's a terrible sign. Can you say anti-climatic...

-The Blue Stocking

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Blue Stocking,

It's possible that Library Guy is mirroring your timetable so as not to appear too desperate or too eager (while I don't fully agree with this sort of phone tag, some people actually do it!). So don't give up on that quite yet!

With that said, it sounds like you have a really good setup here - you're almost always surrounded by one of the guys your crushing on. Congratulations on the progressing dating life! Each one sounds like he has potential at some level.

I call this a win. :)

Featherstone McGee

P.S. Let me just say that, even though the end of the semester quickly approaches, wonderful things can still happen. :)

Emma said...

Here's the plan: cozy up to the reader this week, have him ask you out, have a fantastic time, date for five months, get married in June.
Have a happy wonderful life.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Mark likes you...but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the comment above. Unless Mark is gay, he totally likes you and is also marking "his" territory.

Hope you hear back from Library Guy soon! That'd make four guys at once and I can only imagine The Blue Stocking's antics then! Ha ha!

I'm really liking Emma's plan too. :D

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Mark is in here kind of randomly, like you haven't really given him any serious thought....maybe he is someone to consider. Has he asked you out? Would you like him to? I agree with the others--He isn't someone to overlook....

Of course...getting married in June doesn't sound TOO horrible, either!

The Chosen One

Anonymous said...

Dear The Blue Stalking, The Coquette, The Charmer, etc.,

I'm not really sure why it is that I'm writing this, or really what it is meant to be or to convey. I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have been following it somewhat frequently ever since. I must say, I find your writing styles to be...absolutely refreshing. In a land of banal blogs, Daily Universe letters to the editor, and a myriad of other equally boring and unsatisfying internet reads, this has been a delightful alternative to discover.

In fact, you all seem from your writing styles, thoughts towards experiences, and conveying of anecdotes (well, I should say, most particularly The Blue Stalking) like the type of girl that I probably like. The type of girl that I sit near in class all year and never quite work up the courage to say hello to even though I find her absolutely the non-creepy way. (I promise I'm not a weirdo, but I guess that sort of thing doesn't hold much water on the internet anymore...and probably especially so when one tries to reaffirm just how not-crazy they really are, like this parenthetical statement is attempting. Alas.)

So, like I said, I'm not sure exactly where this comment is going. Keep up the good work is one of the things that I'm trying to say, I suppose. Hopefully one day I'll actually ask one of you out, and you'll blog about it, and we'll laugh about how you blogged about it and I ended up being a reader, and then you'll blog about how we laughed about how you blogged about it and I read it, and it'll just be one huge recursive circle of fun.

Just know that, were it not kind of really weird for me to do so through a random internet comment, I would proposition you for a date. But hey, maybe that sort of thing is more acceptable these days! Just know that we romantic type of guys do exist, and...well, we're also searching. In the meantime, thanks for the laughs as well as the more serious matters you write about.

Anon non-Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Ha! And even after proofreading, I realize now that I spelled it "Stalking." Not just once, but twice! Look, it's 5 a.m., and I've been working on papers all night, so...*facepalm*.

Anonymous said...

A fellow Anonymous! I'm not one of the writers, but I thought you ought to know (and as soon as possible) that your sweetness is appreciated. If we were friends in reality, I'd be tripping over my own feet to date you. True story. Don't stop!

Dear Chosen One/Hermione/Emma Watson and other commenter's,

First off, Mark is a fine fellow, just not the fellow for me. I love our friendship and that is all…if things decide to take a turn for the random I will let you all know. I always do.

Dear Anon non-Anonymous,

I'm so glad you enjoy our blog and I can't tell you how flattered I was by your comments, they simply made my day. The only thing I want to say to you is please, please, talk to that girl who sits next to you. I know if it were me I would love it...ok I might freak out, do something stupid, and act extremely confusing, but in the end I would love it. Anyhoo, it's good to know that romantic guys exist.

P.S. Ha ha for the full 15 seconds it took me to read your comment I thought “o no, he actually believes my name is the Blue Stalking” which is really distressing since our names give us away, for example the Charmer is charming, the Coquette is coquetting, and so that would make me, well blue and creepy. It made me wonder if other readers thought I was indeed a stalker with blue skin, but I’m glad to know that it was only a typo :)

-The Blue Stocking

The Coquette said...

Ahem. I believe the term is "coquettish".

And oh no! Now they know who you are! You're the creepy girl with blue skin on campus!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blue Stocking,

Haha. I'd just like to bring The Charmer's recent post in to this...and say that Lizzie did, in fact, end up with her best friend. However, that being said, there have been boys in my life that I just CAN'T feel romantic about, no matter how hard I try. I certainly will be interested to hear how things go--I wish you the best of luck with the Reader.

The Chosen One

P.S. I chose a picture of Emma Watson because of the Harry Potter reference...get it? Hahahaha. It made me giggle a little....

Anonymous said...

BE BOLD! remember the challenge! Tell the reader that you guys should study for the final together and exchange numbers. That way the ball is completely in his court if he wants to ask you out. Plus, if he does suspect you and Mark are a thing then you making the first move will tell him you're available! Green light.

Best of luck!