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12/11/2011 The Blue Stocking 3 Comments


*Library guy has yet to call….

*I set up a study group for this Monday that includes The Reader {insert slow clap here}.

And now on to the weekend....

It wouldn’t be Christmas at the Y without someone throwing an ugly sweater party. So Friday night I went and got my ugly on, and oddly enough I kind of dig ugly Christmas sweaters. In fact, I’m thinking of investing in some for future parties…. Anyhoo, that is hardly the point.

The point is Conner and I met up at said party and banter ensued. In our little convo, Conner expressed how sad he was that we weren’t able to walk to school together on our last day {I was running late}. He then tried to figure out our future schedules so our morning walks could once again be tradition. I thought this was sweet, but still it’s no date. I do belief it’s safe to say that we are just friends. And surprisingly enough I’m good with that. I think he’s fun, but like I mentioned in previous posts, we really don’t have a lot in common.

After this party, I had yet another party to tend to and at this one I got to be with SG. It was at this party that we entered into “I’m physically harming you, but you actually like it” territory.

Yes, hard core flirting was in the air.

The next night a group of my friends decided to go to the Salt Lake Temple to see the lights. Brilliant decision. Conner was there and we made casual chit chat, but he was being…well, awkward and strange and I realized something…he has a fantastic roommate. Fantastic.

Yes, isn't that a nice little twist...

During our tour through the lights, I decided that I would not put up with an awkward night with Conner. In this moment of realization, his attractive and witty roommate stepped into the picture and made my evening delightful. I had never before met said roommate, but I was utterly surprised. We spent the whole evening having brief conversation - when the night called for it - and by the end we were sharing dinner. I’m not saying its love- heck, I’m not even saying there will be a date in our future- I’m just saying it was a nice way to spend one’s Saturday night.

Well dear readers, here’s to the next week of finals. May all of us come out wiser and more equipped for the world…or at least have an awkward run-in with the ex in the library, that's my personal favorite.


The Blue Stocking

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Anonymous said...

“I’m physically harming you, but you actually like it” ha ha ha I love this!

Anonymous said...

dear charmer,

don't get married too soon on us! we need your advice and input on the blog!

also, i'd read your book! guy/girl format in actual bound book form sounds cool.

how exciting!

Can I get an autographed copy?