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12/06/2010 The Romantic 0 Comments

A few posts ago, these questions were posed:
Here is a question for you ladies, how are the guys perceived who take out girls on dates just for fun? Are they considered fun but not serious? Is it harder to tell if a guy like that likes you?

I will attempt to answer these well posed questions. Please note that I will answer them from my own formed opinions after living in student wards for the past four years.

Guys who take girls on dates just for fun are usually perceived as not too serious about dating. They date for fun, they know how to date, and often their dates are creative and enjoyable. But just because they date often and sometimes have multiple dates a week, that doesn't mean they're bad guys. In fact, all the men that I can think of that date often, are usually the best guys. They follow the counsel of the Brethren to date rather than just hang out. But from a girl's perspective, I would say that it's harder to tell if a guy is interested in you if he dates often. Does a guy have any interest in you when he's also taken several of your roomies on dates? It's hard to say. For those answers, I would have to delve deep into the male psyche. And that journey would be a fearful one to undertake indeed.

As for myself, I prefer a man who doesn't date too often. I don't like feeling as though I'm prey living in the wild African deserts. (Note illustration above. I mean, really, who wants to be chased by that guy?) I place the serial dater in the same category as our female lioness. I don't think anyone wants to feel hunted, or numbered as one of many in a herd of gazelles. It's like I was telling my roomies earlier today, though I identify with many of the great heroines of literature, I mostly identify with Jo from Little Women. Give me a deep German man named Friedrich any day, who is first and foremost my friend, and we'll call it good.

-the Romantic

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