On the Prowl

10/21/2010 The Romantic 2 Comments

There is a girl in my ward. And I thought she was flirtatious before last night, but man. I had NO IDEA. Before, she just wanted to date. But now, she just wants a boyfriend. And everyone is talking about it. Our FHE brothers remarked on it to a room mate last night. They said she's literally going door to door, making her rounds as she stalks the poor unsuspecting elders in our ward.
One room mate asked her why she doesn't find one boy to like and then focus in on him, and date him. She replied that that just isn't how she works. She's picked several boys to focus on, and will continue to focus on all of them until one of them wants to date her. It's madness! Madness I say! Several boys came over last night. And there was some serious physical contact going on. And I don't just mean elbow touching. I'm talking thigh grabs, upper arm grabs, and arms around the backs of their chairs.
The craziest thing of all, was that I could see this working. The boys were literally melting in her attention.
I'm really interested to see how this all plays out... If you've ever take Anthro 101 from Professor Crandall, it's like the hunting movie we have to watch. The hunters chase a giraffe for five days as the poison from a spear takes over their nervous system. And they don't move anymore. Our Lioness is slowly circling until eventually, she will catch one of these poor boys in her grasp. It's sad, but you just can't look away because on the other hand, it's just too entertaining.

-the Romantic.

ps. guitar hero is MIA. maybe i did read the signals wrong... but i think i'm really ok with it.

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ohmygoodness i SO took that class. so funny, i know exactly what is going on here. hilarious.