11/17/2010 The Romantic 5 Comments

No sparks, no fireworks. Nothing. Not even dislike or loathing reared their ugly faces. But at least that would have been something.

Bland... That pretty much sums up the date I had last Saturday.

Sad to say, the most exciting part was getting ready. I even curled my hair and borrowed some of my room mates "seductive spray" as she fondly calls it. And then I opened the door, and saw that I was over dressed. Well, not over dressed for the activity, but overdressed comparatively.

My friend texted me when I got home, asking me how it was. The only word to describe it was alright. I felt pretty apathetic about the whole thing. Which makes me feel a little bad.

Everything was executed the way it was supposed to be. Doors were opened, a stop at Cocoa Bean was made, everything was planned to a T. The night was neither too long, nor too short. But there was just something so boring about it all.

I think that sometimes BYU boy is an 80 year old man trapped inside a 21 year old body. I guess my back-up plan of marrying a rich 80 year man so I can inherit all of is money is out of the question. I realize now that I would die first. Of sheer boredom.

Perhaps this weekend will reward my hard work of tests and finals with something a little bit more exciting.
Until then,
-the Romantic

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I'm curious to why exactly it was boring. What did the guy do that threw it off?

Was it the conversation? Did he not know how to play around?

What are the deeper facts?

I have my own take on these things, maybe I'll post on my blog about it relatively soon . . . :P

The Romantic said...
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The Romantic said...

That's just it! I'm not quite sure why it was so boring.

I think maybe it's because I could tell he wasn't interested. It was a nice gesture to take me out. And I had a nice time. But that's all it will ever be. Just a nice time.

There was no flirtation, no spark, nothing. It isn't too much to expect a little bit of flirtation on a date right?

Anna said...

I've had a date just like that! I really liked the guy, but I could tell in the first 5min that he didn't feel the same.

He did everything right, it was just...boring.

This is a fun new concept! I've never thought of it like that before. I've gone on more dates where I was not interested in the girl than I was interested, the dates are always different, I still tend to have fun, but the feeling is completely different.

Here is a question for you ladies, how are the guys perceived who take out girls on dates just for fun?

Are they considered fun but not serious?

Is it harder to tell if a guy like that likes you?