Memo to self: never read Jane Eyre before bed

11/30/2010 The Romantic 0 Comments

As I journeyed to the great Idaho wilderness for Thanksgiving break, I was left with two choices: homework, or reading a novel (for fun!). I brought my homework with me, but unfortunately, my back pack remained safely zipped in my roomie's bedroom whilst jane eyre called out to me from her book shelf.

The choice was easy. Jane Eyre it was.

Living my romantic life vicariously through novels is so much the better choice than dating these days...or at least less awkward.

I viciously poured over the book for three days. Our departure loomed before us the next morning. Back to Provo, and back to above zero degree weather. I curled up in bed with the covers all around, determined to finish the tale of Jane and Mr. Rochester. But alas, I turned in with a mere 50 pages left. Right at the point where Mr. Rochester calls for Jane miles and miles away.

That is the scene that I fell asleep to.

And then I dreamed of my ex-boyfriend. "I will always need you" he said in my dream.

That is why we will not read Jane Eyre before bed again. For it never bodes well in the heart break department. I identify far too well the title character.

Well enough with the dramatics... back to studying!

(Although, I'm sure my posts will be quite numerous this week as I 'prepare'/procrastinate finals studying)

-The Romantic

ps. for your viewing pleasure next march

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