Wake Up, This is the Real World Calling

12/31/2010 The Virgin 0 Comments

I think sometimes we get caught up in the bubble and completely forget that the experience at BYU truly unlike any other.

It isn't until we are confronted with the reality of the real world that we are brought back down to earth.

Obviously I've had a personal experience with this, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this, would I?

So the story:

I'm at home for break. None of my high school friends are Mormon. Their college experiences are completely different from mine. They remind that it is not normal to date for two weeks and then get engaged. One of my friends was lamenting that she never dates. The "dating" scene at her university consists of hooking up with guys after they buy you a drink. You are either in a relationship or hooking up with guys.

Now don't get me wrong. I know that not everyone dates at BYU and I know that some people just like to hook up. I also know that while my friend's experience is not the experience of every college student, it is somewhat nice to be reminded that the world doesn't work like BYU.

So on the off chance of sounding cheesy, perhaps we shouldn't complain so much about our dates.

Wait... I'm sorry that's impractical.

Rather, perhaps we should appreciate the unique opportunity that the Bubble has given us, and while we complain we should also enjoy laughing at the ridiculous predicament that we have placed ourselves in by attending BYU.

Kisses lovelies,

The Virgin

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