Blue's Fall Adventures: September

11/12/2014 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

September started with a bang. Hucy was over. Yes the romance of the century ended after only a month of lovin. Lucy Steele removed all traces of Henry’s existence on her FB wall and replaced him with a dramatic breakup post. Her wall then became a stream of inspiration quotes running all day every day. 

I really tried to not take pleasure from it. I really did.

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To be honest, I spent the majority of August and September exploring different countries and visiting friends so the drama of the spring seemed distant. AND just in case you think me rather awful for treating Lucy so, I'm happy to report she has moved on and is currently in a serious relationship once more. Girl knows how to get things done. 

Ok back to me, other than the Hucy breakup September was defined by Grant. This was the month I decided I would not date Grant…and then I decided kissing his face would be oh so pleasant…and then I decided we should just be friends…and then I decided we would make a fantastic couple.   

September was also when I realized how fickle I could be.  

Finally, I jumped in. I accepted his invites and he found more reasons to see me. One of my favorite reasons involved my nightly dinner. Grant would ask what I was eating and then he would come by to try it.  This was normal enough except for the fact chocolate makes up 86% of my diet and he detests chocolate. The poor boy would come over to consume the thing he hates and I would watch knowing the pain it caused. 

And we were committed to this ridiculous ruse.

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I don’t know if you caught this from that story, but neither of us had overtly expressed interested. There were no declarations of like; instead, we made nightly trips around the corner to curl up to The Office and talk into the late A.M.

I didn’t sleep for a month and I regretted nothing.

My main concern was even though I spent most of my nights talking with Grant we never went on a second date and any plans made were of the last minute variety. Which was rather confusing especially when situations like this would arise:

Grant was showing me something on his phone when a notification for Meetinghouse (a Mormon dating site) came up. He asked me if I had ever tried it and when I said no he responded, “you gotta get on it girl.”

In his defense, he could have just panicked, buuuuut guys who like you shouldn’t recommend dating sites to you, right? I mean, I’m not an expert, but it seems pretty basic to not pawn your crushes off to strangers.

-The Bluestocking

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