Blue's Fall Adventures: August

11/04/2014 The Blue Stocking 4 Comments

I’m back with stories to tell. It’s taken me a while to put the past months dating adventures to print, but get ready to vicariously live through my painful and awkward fall.

When we left off I was going on dates with Sam and he was gearing up for law school. Henry and Lucy Steele decided to make their love known through the infamous FB official made-for-each-other relationship post after only a month of dating. Some may say that’s jumping the gun...and they would be correct.

I finally had to stop following Lucy’s FB posts which consist mainly of love poems.

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Back to Sam and me: things with us were great and by that I mean I wasn’t a sleep deprived skeleton. A rarity when it comes to guys and me. And by rarity I mean it’s a bad sign because if I’m pigging out on food and sleeping 9 hours a night it usually means I don’t like the guy. It’s not an ideal barometer, but it’s all I have.

While I was trying to figure out my next move with Sam, things got a lot more interesting. Grant asked me out. Grant the guy I had been buddy buddy with all summer who was also buddy buddy with Sam.

In all the months spent with Grant, I never thought about dating him. At all. This has little to do with him and more about me being oblivious. Our date was a short jaunt to a local restaurant. We ate, we laughed, and then we went home. I can’t stress enough how brevity on a first date can fuel the desire for future encounters. An especially fun part of the night was when Grant asked if I knew Sam. Apparently, they were in a band together and he’s bummed Sam hits the road in a week.

Smile and nod people, smile and nod. 
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Does anyone else feel like I randomly met members of the same group of guy friends and dated all of them for the past couple months? At some point they’re going to get together and realize they all wooed the same girl summer 2014. Hopefully, I won’t be in the room when they do.

Also Grant’s in law school. I swear I don’t try to date only lawyers. I can’t decide if they’re my type or if I’m theirs? Does anyone else only find themselves dating in the same professional pool of guys?

-The Bluestocking

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I wish I could date a bunch of lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Before I got married (I know, probably not the best way to start a comment on this blog), I somehow ended up exclusively dating a bunch of engineering/biology majors even though I was an arts major the whole time. Maybe our personalities just balanced each other out really well? Idk. I did date a special ed major, but that relationship only lasted two weeks haha. I always thought I'd marry someone in the humanities/arts fields, but it just never worked out with any of them. My relationships with science nerds always went better :)

Anonymous said...

I have a thing for English majors but I've yet to get one to date me.

Kylie said...

Hate to admit that I have a thing for high maintenance pre-med students, but history just keeps repeating itself....