C'est la vie.

11/16/2014 The Lady 0 Comments

Perhaps sometimes it is just fine to be surprised. Sometimes it just might be nice that you actually like the guy you randomly made out with. And sometimes, just maybe it is okay that he is a little younger than you.  

The morning after the Halloween Hiccup, The Younger Man began texting and calling me regularly. We talk about books and film and poetry and musicals, and I am only slightly ashamed to admit that it is kind of great.

To be honest, I was hoping to remain detached and aloof with regards to this situation because in general I find myself becoming enthralled with men all too quickly. But as fate would have it, the love bug has crawled right back up and bit me, and I'm back. "Can't help it, the girl can't help it." 

C'est la vie. For now that is all I can say. 

The Lady

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