Blue’s Fall Adventures: August Part II

11/09/2014 The Blue Stocking 2 Comments

With the changing of leaves came the changing of men.

Sam: The first of the month Sam was packing to leave for law school and we had yet to talk about how this affected us. A week before school started we grabbed sketchy burritos and drove around town comparing our book collections. It seemed this would be another night of pleasantries devoid of reality.

After hours of debating the importance of fairy tales, we arrived at my house. I could feel us talking around the issue of his departure, but I dreaded pulling it up and I believe he did as well. Finally, it had gotten late and I, being the sort who needs as much sleep as possible, said farewell and opened my door to leave. His reply was, “Blue, I’m leaving.” I laughed at his dramatic exclamation, sat back in the car, and replied, “Sam, I know.” He explained that his leaving had made it hard to devote himself to us and while our summer had been fun, he didn’t see it going any further.  

It was truly a relief to hear that we were both feeling the same thing. Sam was a great guy, but he wasn’t the guy for me and I wasn’t the girl for him. What followed the easiest DTR in Bluestocking history was a hilarious exchange of dating stories. We laughed and teased and when he left I felt at peace.

Henry: The last time I saw Henry was right in the middle of his love affair with Lucy Steele. I had the great pleasure of walking late into Sunday school late only to realize Henry was teaching. The class silently turned to watch me stumble through the door.  In true Blue fashion I turned to the erect Henry and said “well are you going to teach or just stand there.” He laughed we continued to share pleasantries and I took a seat.

We made eye contact throughout the lesson and after he joined me for a catch up session. Now Henry and I are friends… and Lucy and I are keeping a friendly distance.

Grant: After our date in July there had been no tangible difference in our relationship, but something had shifted. I notice him more. I guess that’s a good thing? I couldn’t help but wish I had feelings about the situation, but ever since Henry I felt numb. Not hurt or broken, just icy and exhausted.

The thing is I should like Grant. Grant is one of the most genuine guys I’ve met. He’s the type of guy who owns his own house and decorates it with classy paintings of the temple. He’s the type of guy who watches How to Train Your Dragon and audible gasps “if anything happens to that dragon, so help me.” He’s the type of guy who composes a guitar solo so elegant and on point it makes you consider being a twity fan-girl. He’s the type of guy who asks and listens and the more I know about him the more I kick myself for not seeing him sooner.

Even knowing all of this I could feel myself holding back. Grant spent the month inviting me to his house and asking about my Friday night plans and I avoided it. All of it. 

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I truly don't know what's wrong with me

-The Bluestocking

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Maybe you just need a break?

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