All the right guys in all the weird places.

11/22/2014 The Lady 5 Comments

I first set eyes on The Mountain Man the first Sunday of the semester. Two words: ginger beard. Sign me up. 

Name: The Mountain Man
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: sandy brown
Beard Color: a perfect rusty red
Eye Color: the sea after a storm
Age: 29
Education: PhD in Geology
Enjoys: Climbing Rocks, Jurassic Park, Just Dance

Needless to say, I was smitten. 

I began to get to know The Mountain Man at various activities (spelunking in caves, Just Dance parties, bonfires, all that jazz) and we just hit it off. But we hit it off as good pals, which suited me just fine. It never hurts to have a good guy friend, suffice it to say a devilishly attractive one. 

So tonight, The Mountain Man and I went out on a "friend date" to watch The Hunger Games, which of course was a great time (as great a time as death and destruction can be of course). On our walk home, we had a bit of heart-to-heart about our dating lives. He teased me mercilessly for "snogging" The Younger Man, and I in return made light of his perpetually single state. Which took a quick and unexpected turn for the serious. 

The Mountain Man admitted to being in a "weird place." A speech which I am becoming all too familiar with. It is not my place to divulge what sort of weird place The Mountain Man is in, but the weird place claim frustrates me beyond belief. The Mountain Man is in a weird place, The Counselor is in a weird place, Clive once admitted to being in a weird place, and The Younger Man is the definition of a weird place. What is happening to all the men? If all the available and good men are in weird places, what are us girls supposed to do? Do we wait for them to move on from the weird place, or is the weird place permanent? 

Perhaps I am all too selfish, but I do not find the weird place to be very fair. 

Con Amor, 
The Lady

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Anonymous said...

Well this is awfully ambiguous.

Anonymous said...

The weird place weirds me out! What IS it??

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure they all need to man up and grow up!

Anonymous said...

So many "Peter Pan" boys. They can't grow up, they're always in a weird place. What are we girls to do?

Anonymous said...

As a single man who feels that he is perpetually in different weird places, I have learned that I shouldn't let that stop me from doing important things like dating and trying to get married. It may make things odd or awkward at times, but that is typically part of who I am, so the ladies can accept it or not.