When Flirty Eyes Turn to Flirty Dates

2/10/2014 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

After the whole “I hate literature because I’m an ignorant fool” (paraphrased) I was donezo on the Calvin front. Yes he was technically an attractive good guy that had a grand future ahead of him, but I was not about to enter into a relationship where my greatest passion was summed up as some silly hobby.

My new stance on Calvin was grand in theory, but I had a hard time keeping up my cold front when he kept looking at me! The looks soon turned to chatting and chatting turned to a first date. Yes Calvin decided to abandon the friend zone and ask me out.

Why it that guys choose the very moment a girl is losing interest to kick things up a notch?

Conflicting emotions! Here was a great guy who I had been excited about all fall that was asking me out. But on the other hand he had some serious character flaws; namely, he didn’t love all the things I love which is silly because I have great taste.

I said yes to the date, because I’m not stupid: people deserve a chance.

For the big night he took me to grab froyo. Aww yes, the froyo date; known for its sweet simplicity. So over our delicious frozen treats we chatted well past the point our spoons hit the bottom of the cup. Who knew we had so much to say. After dessert he dropped me off and that was that.

The second I step inside my house I panicked. I had expected the date to confirm my feelings for ol Calvin, but all it did was make everything more complicated. Complicated in the fact that we are exact opposites. Never in my life have I come across as a romantic free spirit that just flutters from one passion to another, but on that date that’s who I was.

His ambition seemed to dwarf everything I had ever done. So as he talked about his 10 year plan I realized that he’s just that solid guy who does all the solid things and I’m not. 

I get that he could very well be the ying to my yang. But I want someone to be a little yangy as well. 

C'est la vie,

The Bluestocking

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Anonymous said...

Im glad you at least gave him a chance. Who knows, he may surprise you.