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2/10/2014 The Romantic 1 Comments

What it is that possesses people to try and make a "booty call" from the other side of the world is quite beyond my Romantic sensibilities. And by people, I am actually referring to the obnoxious Elder I served with oh so long ago.

In recent months, he's completely become the ultimate Wickman bad boy (my computer just auto-corrected that to batboy, and I thought that was hilarious enough to note here) complete with more tattoos and piercings.

When he found out I moved back to Korea, he proceeded to give me advice on the variety of kimchee I could purchase at the store. That evolved into asking me questions about being back, which then led to his plans of wanting to come back this summer.

And then came the explosive suggestion of, "If I can save enough money, I'll go. And then I can stay at your place and we can cuddle." I chose not to address the cuddle remark and instead responded, "You should check out such and such airline. It has really great prices." If I had been less lonely, and if more of my friends back home didn't have lives on Saturday night while I sat at home on a late Sunday afternoon in Korea, I doubt the conversation would have continued past that. But alas, a friendless me seems to have equated to quite the eventful textual conversation. It ended with strong protestations on my part that we would not have a NCMO.

I assume that I'm not the type of person to give off the idea that I'm open to such situations, seeing as how he's the only person who's offered.

But I'm curious, what's the general opinion of NCMO's these days? The idea of engaging in one seems absolutely repulsive to me. And yet, don't we all have that friend who's a bit on the loose side, but whom we still love, adore, and wish we were a little bit more like?

-the Romantic

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Anonymous said...

I think it is gross. Don't do it! Seriously though, (while not on the same serious level of sexual sin) it is very similar to some reasons we are asked to save sex for marriage. Save a Make-Out for a legit relationship or you could end up feeling used, betrayed, unhappy, etc. because the feelings that are evoked in a NCMO don't have a relationship backing them up.