From Dating to Friendship

2/24/2014 The Blue Stocking 0 Comments

For the past month and a half things with Calvin have started to pick up. He kept asking me on dates and I just kept accepting hoping something would click and quite honestly I didn’t have a reason not to go. He’s the type of guy you marry. 

But behind all the dating there wasn't that spark driving me to do anything. In other relationships I had to force myself not to text a guy my every thought and feeling and with Calvin I literally couldn't think of one thing I could text him. Even worse than that, I didn't really think of him at all. 

I realized that was a sign of sorts and decided two weeks ago that I was going to let things die with Calvin. It just seemed like the best thing to do. I can’t just keep having a guy feed me when I don’t even know how I feel about him. And I should really know, it's been 7 months.  
Here’s the kicker. How do you break something off with a guy you will have to continue hanging out with? I couldn't just do what I always do and avoid him so I had to be a grownup and let him know. 

I have to be honest our first hang out after the whole "let's stop dating" was awkward. My friend invited me to dinner and promised it would be a no Calvin zone. Then our other friend called her saying he invited Calvin and then apologized to me. With both our friends watching, Calvin and I tried our best to play it cool. Of course I was a bumbling idiot. 

After that it was all peaches and gravy and we went right back into our friendship. He still sits by me in Sacrament Meeting and we still hang out with our friends during the week. He's handling it so well that I feel like I may have made a mistake. Well played Calvin.

I'm almost all caught up on my tales of dating and woe. This last week was more eventful that one could expect. I came out of it with two dates, a stalker, and conflicting feelings about a certain crush. 

-The Bluestocking 

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