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“My idea of good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.Persuasion

I do realize that I am quite often very silly. As has been pointed out to me by a reader (or two, or three, or more) I am often inconsistent, wishy-washy, and thoroughly selfish. Perhaps I ought to apologize for this fault, but I also believe that my selfishness just might be my tragic flaw. My hamartia. I cannot always help my tragic flaws for they are my undoing. But I shall try to be much less so. But with that being said, I do recall Jane Austen writing, “Selfishness must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure.” 

The Artist is no longer of any consequence to me, and we have not talked at all since he began dating whomever it is that he is dating (a completely different girl than the one he was asking advice about mind you). But it’s no matter. He is as welcome to be as inconsistent as myself.

But I have met someone new. I have met a man and I am not even certain as to what he should be called. For some reason I am nervous to fix a name on him as it may be too permanent or not permanent enough. For some reason he unsettles me.

I met this man at institute last week. He is not particularly attractive nor immediately intriguing. An average guy to my average girl. He asked if he might sit next to me during class, and as I am not one to ever refuse a man a seat near me, I acquiesced. We introduced ourselves to each other, but did not talk much after that. But tonight was different. Tonight was very different indeed.

Tonight, he invited himself to sit next to me again, and we engaged in a bit of playful banter. Flirtations. Then I found out that he too is a graduate student (an older man, huzzah!), and that his minor for his undergrad was English literature. Similarities. Once class was over, we stuck around the institute and chatted with some friends about all sorts of meaningless things. Somehow we got onto the topic of musicals which led to a healthy debate. While discussing Les Miserables, I mentioned that Javert’s song, “Stars” is my absolute favorite. He immediately hopped out of his seat, sat at the conveniently nearby piano and began to play the song. Talent. For some unknown reason I began to cry; helpless, soundless tears streaming down my cheeks. I had enough time to compose myself before he rejoined the group, but my friends were barely able to contain their meaningful glances. After a couple of hours of hanging about, we all decided it would probably be best if we all went our separate ways. Once we were outside, he asked if he could walk me to my car, which of course was perfectly fine with me.

We meant to say goodnight right there and then, but we stayed in the lot and talked for at least two hours more. It was easy and delightful. At one point he asked if I would like to go out sometime, and once again I consented to his request. Usually after a guy asks me out, the conversation comes to a grinding halt. I agree and then we stutter out an awkward goodbye, “Uh…okay. I’ll see you then…uh…bye.” That didn't happen with him. He asked me out, I said yes, and we kept on talking as though nothing in the world had happened. He texted me when I got home, and we've been texting for the past couple of hours. It’s 2:00 am. I’m only just getting to bed.

What is happening?

Con Amor,

The Lady

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kaes. said...

Oh la la! Love is in the air, my friend. You guys are perfect for each other.. I mean, just based off of the things you wrote here and what i have previously read about the kinds of boys you like...

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun! I hope you keep us in the loop. ;)