Smitie Returns

12/16/2013 The Blue Stocking 2 Comments

For some reason the persistent RM and Scooters of the world have a way of finding me. Remember Smitie? Well he’s back. After months of him going out of his way to never, and I mean never, talk to me he decided to make an appearance.

Earlier this month I entered Sunday School and Smitie was staring at me. He quickly looked away but not before I recognized The Look. The Look being that glance a boy gives you right before he builds up the courage to do something bold.

After SS I was on my way to Relief Society when he walked by and asked how I was. We did the weird we’re-both-moving-in-opposite-ways-but-you-just-started-a-convo-and-now-we’re-both-walking-backwards. After we moon walked back to each other we stayed in the hallway for a few minutes to chat. This chat made me realize I didn’t completely dislike this guy.

YES he is rather smug and YES he is inconsistent BUT he’s not the jerk I chalk him up to be. We were nearing the end of our catch-up convo when this happens:

Him: "So I know we bailed on each other earlier this year."
Me: (by bailed do you mean you ignored me?) "uhuh."
Him: "But I was wondering…"
Random girl in the ward that was sitting by Smitie in SS: “Blue RS is starting and you need to come to class now”
Me: "Yeah thanks, I’ll be there in a second."
Random Girl: "You need to come now, Smitie you shouldn’t be keeping her. Come on Blue (as she gestures for me to move into the RS room like I’m an incompetent 5-year-old) time for you to come to class."

But it didn’t end there. For the next 5 minutes this girl kept trying to pull me (physically and figuratively) into class while Smitie told her to leave us alone. At one point we just stood there forming a triangle of awkward silence.  Finally she left and he asked me out.

This is just one example of some of the girls in our ward. I’m not accusing her of trying to sabotage Smitie’s ask out because I believe she likes him, but I am hinting at it pretty heavily. One of these posts will probably be dedicated to the boldness/obnoxiousness of the girls in my ward.

This same Sunday, my Home Teacher asked me out to go repelling. You could say I was on a roll. 

-The Bluestocking

P.S. Posts to come: The Home Teacher and The Date with Smitie.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems dating is either a dearth or a flood, doesn't it?

Haley Dennis said...

Feast or famine!!!