Smitie vs. Star Wars.

5/14/2013 The Blue Stocking 6 Comments

Remember ol Smitie? No, well that’s understandable; it has after all been three whole months. Let’s refresh all of our memories: Smitie is the guy I met at speed dating who took me to Smiths afterwards.

Awww Smitie, ever the romantic.

He is also the same guy that set up a follow up date and never called. Which I admit was rather crushing to my pride. See every time relationships slip through my fingertips, I draw comfort from the fact that I have always gotten a second date. Always. What can I say, I make quite the first impression. If you hate me for bragging, I get it. If it makes you feel better, I basically fail at every other aspect of dating.

Feel better? Good.

So he didn’t call, a fact that sat well with me since I figured I was better without another go at it. But the canceled date did not end our contact. No siree. I actually ran into him quite frequently and this is a summary of our interactions:



I thought those interactions would make up the entirety of our relationship. I was wrong. Smitie boy texted me last night. He started if off casual, but both of us knew there was more to this text. He ended up apologizing for bailing on me and cited getting distracted as his excuse. It’s been three months. Count them: THREE!

It must have been quite the distraction and I’m preeeety sure it came in the form of a brunette.

But like a fool I agreed to the date. I hate myself, truly I do.

On to other news: I’ve made best friends with my Bishop’s wife and I dare say she’s been trying to set me up with her son. A cutie, if I do say so myself. So if I can get over the fact he has a Star Wars action figure fetish, I’m all set on the husband front.


Oh and I probably need to meet him, date, yada yada yada details details. 

-The Bluestocking

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Anonymous said...

You could be flattered. Three months and he still wants to go on a date with you! Or just bag the star wars guy. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Star Wars guys, if they are smart, interesting and have good family - are likely to be creative, adoring and gainfully employed. Distracted, grocery stor date guys that use the term "ladies" should be avoided - unless food money is short and you need some groceries. Just the track record I've observed.

Mr. Bennett

Anonymous said...

Mr Bennett is right, anyone who uses the term ladies should be avoided. It's just plain creepy.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Mr. Bennett and the other anonymous. Smitie sounds like a creeper, and who takes people on grocery store dates? I think that's kinda lame...or maybe it's just a provo thing I don't understand.

A Guy said...

As a guy who uses the word "ladies", I'd like to suggest that it's /how/ he says it, not just that he says it.

As I use it, as a female-specific classifier in place of "guys", "How are you ladies doing?"

As creepy guys use it, "Hello ladies..."

Maybe I'm just defensive.

To A Guy,

He said, and I quote, "Ladies..."

And if I had to pinpoint his exact tone, I would use the word Toolish over creepy.