Introducing: The Home Teacher and The Cousin

12/18/2013 The Blue Stocking 2 Comments

The Home Teacher
It’s hard to describe my Home Teacher. I feel like he’s someone you would over look, but once you do look you’re interested. Sort of the guy next door, but not really. I find this description to be most unhelpful.

The first time he came over to visit we spent an hour discussing literature. The next time he came he brought me chocolate. You can see why I like him right? There’s just one little problem, he’s two inches shorter than me. I won’t even go into the height debate. We’ve beat that dilemma into the ground.

Anyhoo, after sacrament meeting I was talking with one of my friends when he abruptly sat down beside me and said “Hey Blue, wow this is awkward right, yeah sorry I just wanted to see..” and he continues on telling me about the many adventures I needed to be a part of.

If you didn’t find the previous tale to be incredible charming, it is my own fault I can’t seem to describe him how I want to. I guess the best thing to say is he makes me feel comfortable and I happen to be a big fan of comfort nowadays.

Our repelling adventure got canceled (my bad) but we have set some future plans and I’ll let you know how those go.

The Cousin
Before the big reunion date with ol Smitie, he invited me to the movies with his cousin. When I got to the theater they were both seated and ready for the movie. Smitie briefly introduced me to The Cousin that just so happens to also be in my ward.

Confession: For months, I have had the sneaking suspicion that The Cousin and I belonged together. There are no facts to back this up, just a strong desire to kiss his face. 

I pretended to be meeting the cousin for the first time (and the Oscar goes to Bluestocking for feigning indifference) and quickly did a brief I’m-amazing-date-me intro. The previews then kicked off and we immediately began joking and teasing each other. And by we I mean the cousin and me. Do you know those guys who make you feel really funny and clever and you also believe them to be the best thing ever? Well that’s what was going on.

I feel I need to say I did not leave Smitie out of the merriment. 

After the movie, our wit was in full swing and I hate to make too bold of a statement, but I felt better joking with him than how I’ve felt with a guy in a year. 

No joke.

I went there.

But you obviously see the problem. I’m currently going on dates with Smitie. Therefore, The Cousin is off limits…at least for now.

-The Bluestocking


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Team TC said...

What if you let things cool down with Smitie then talk to The Cousin. You never know, he could have had as much fun talking to you as you did talking to him.

Anonymous said...

You still like Smitie? Think about it. He set up a second date and then never called you. He forgot about you for three months (and you hinted it was because of another girl). He's horribly inconsistent. If you were a priority to him, he would be consistent in his interest in you. With everything you mentioned about him, it sounds like you are just someone to casually date when he's got nobody else strung along. Let things cool down with him and go for his cousin or the home teacher! I don't think he's worth your time.