Picking Up Where We Left Off

12/13/2013 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

When we left off I was in pursuit of a guy I spent a total of 74 seconds with in a bookstore. Looking back I see that it’s easier to make a perfect man out of 74 seconds than out of months of interaction. I attempted to turn this brief affair into something much lengthier and intimate by stalking the bookstore in which we met. The only result was me proving to being a total creep show.

Story. Of. My. Life.

Fall kicked up and with it brought more guys with even interesting interactions and today we will focus on The Poly. 

Ahh the mysterious Poly.

The weeks following The Poly's and my jaunt around the church were wrought with oddities of all kinds. And for once the oddities had nothing to do with me. Instead I started receiving random grammatically incorrect FB messages from him during and after church. Trying to suppress the inner English Major, I decided to cut the kid some slack. But the messages continued and he was nowhere to be found. Below is a brief excerpt from one of our conversations:

The Poly: “wyd"
The Poly: “?”

I was baffled. Was this code? Could it possible mean "what are you doing" and the “are” was implied?

Him: “cum over with movies.”

Now I know what you’re thinking, wow this really attractive guy wants to spend time with you. And this is what I was thinking, I am not going over to some strangers apartment to “watch movies, I choose life.”

And I get it, I over-reacted, but I really felt weird about the whole thing. The following Sunday I finally saw him in person. And by “saw” I mean I was talking to someone and he came up, elbowed me in the back, said hi, and then left. It’s strange, but whatever.

Our bizarre saga continues, but I’m waiting for something more eventful than a bruised back to update you on.

-The Bluestocking

P.S. More updates to come!

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That is weird.