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12/20/2012 The Anti-Austen 5 Comments

I had to give you an update.
As of last week, Mr. Director is engaged. HOLY COW! I really hadn't pegged him as the "get engaged after 3 months to a 19-year-old" type. Well, glad I jumped that ship when I did! ;)
So it looks like I ended up with a very typical "Dear Jane" mission story. Let's be real, I probably should have called that one. My life is much too ironic to have had it happen any other way.
I just wanted to let you know that I am (surprisingly) perfectly okay! I didn't shed a single tear about the engagement (although I may have shed a few when I first found out about her). I truly have realized since being out here that Mr. Director, despite his many great qualities, was not the man for me. I do wish him luck and hope that this quick engagement turns out to bring him lasting happiness. After all, I've always been a fan of true love...and from the way he writes about her to me (gag! Is that really necessary?!?), it sounds like this might very well be it. Either that or some intense infatuation...
Anyways, I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Christmas! If any of you have lovely dating success stories or even just something you'd like to share with me, please feel free to email and they will forward them onto me. After all, I do love to get mail; I'm a missionary!

sister charmer

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Anonymous said...

Is anyone else appalled by this recent turn of events?

A Guy said...

As a personal friend of Mr Director and The Charmer, I feel able to say that her review of the entire situation is rather biased and slightly scathing.

She did in fact tell her not to wait for her, and he said that they'll pick things back up upon her return. Though she said "After all, if he couldn't even last 2 months, why would I trust him to stick around for all eternity?", if she wanted him to devote himself to her, she would have asked him to [she didn't] and she would have stayed to date him further [she didn't].

That said, I'm happy for The Charmer serving a mission. It's what she needed to do. I'm happy that she's happy for Mr Director. I'm happy for Mr Director too. Life has worked out for all parties involved, and there isn't necessity for complaining and backbiting.

A Guy said...

A correction: "she did in fact tell -him- not to wait to her"

Innocent Bystander said...

As a third party observer, I agree with "A Guy". I think that there is no need for petty comments, especially since she knows that he has read this blog previously. I also agree with the fact that she shouldn't complain about him not waiting for her since she did not stick around for him or ask him to wait. I also don't like that we are judging their relationship and the time in which it developed,who cares if she got engaged to a 19 year old 3 months after they met?! No body knows their situation except them and God. It is not our place to judge their relationship.

Anonymous said...

The life of a relationship under glass. We must remember that everyone reads this blog to see and vicariously experience the inner workings and emotions of BYU dating experiences through these writers in the hopes of being helpful, comforting or the romantic hope that true love will triumph and find all the parties involved.

So we shouldn't be taken aback from these comments. It is how she feels and that just is what it is. Think about it. I can have empathy for all parties involved. As a former high counselor to a young single adult ward I have seen these stories played out a number of times and have had the joy of seeing a number of people finding a person that they are happily married or engaged to, even after earning advanced degrees for both men and women. So each has their own path to happiness and we get to see the bumps, pitfalls and mistakes made via this blog by all parties concerned in the hope and full expectation that true love will rest upon everyone who reads and writes this blog.

Merry Christmas to all and may your New Year be filled with wonder, joy and many baptismal.


Mr. Bennett