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Last night, for the first time in my entire life, some random gentleman asked for my number....

It was awkward and highly embarrassing. Let me explain:

My roomie and I were sitting patiently in the de Jong last night waiting for the John Bytheway fireside to start. We were catching up on all the couple gossip in our ward, discussing my man hiatus, and her upcoming nuptials. Things were swell. We were hoping the fireside wouldn't be on marriage, although that's what our stake seems to be pushing big time these days. When suddenly, the guy behind me leans over, sticks out his hand, and says, "Hi, I'm Jared (not really his name)! What's yours?" "Um, Camie (that's not really my name, of course)..." "My friend wants to go on a date with you. Can I get your number?" I turned bright RED. Um, no. First of all, I don't even know you, or your friend. You could be a total creeper and all I know is your name. Second of all, why doesn't your friend ask me himself. Third of all, who is your friend anyway?? As all these thoughts ran through my head I looked beseechingly at my roomie for help. She just shrugged her shoulders at me, as if to say, i don't know what you should do.
"Would you rather talk to him?" he asked. I gave the affirmative. But before he turned back to his friend, he asked how old I was. "20" I answered. He said, "oh." and gave a look that seemed to say, that's a little young. I'm a junior in college! Thank you very much. Quite old indeed! Sorry you're 25 and not married (his friend looked closer to 30). Jared leaned back to conference with his friend. Before he could lean back over and accost me anymore, the fireside started.
Thankfully, the fireside was on hope, not dating. But then again, it did give me hope for dating. haha. so, maybe this hiatus won't last that long at all. I visited my new complex last night. and everyone was just so dang happy! Someone was blowing bubbles from the upper balcony, people were laughing, and talking, and every person I walked by said hello. It was like stepping into the Emerald City of apartment complexes. I'm just hoping the wicked witch won't ever show up.

-the Romantic

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