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After a long history of dating boys who turned out to be complete jerks….
I had a friend who decided to set me up with a guy she “knew” (also known as just met him in the library and realized he was a nerd)

I agree reluctantly to go on a date with Gumby (his name is AMAZING… but Gumby will have to do). He rings my doorbell, I answer, Gumby is about 6.3 wearing a top hat and a suit… I’m wearing jeans and flip flops… awkward??? Yes…
Now first dates usually include, dinner or movie or chatting or bowling…. all of these are GREAT first date options…
Gumby chooses to set a romantic table for us two ALONE in his apartment. This table is decorated to the brim, flowers, candles, nicely set place settings, oh and I can not forget to mention the romantic playlist that was serenading me in the background. (please picture this WHOLE situation in your mind… 6.3 redhead, in a suit, bow tie, top hat, romantic dinner for 2)
I thought that would be the end of the surprises for the night. He now proceeds to turn off the music, and stand 3 feet away from me,I was terrified for what was coming next..nothing could have prepared me..Gumby is a trained opera singer and he sang, or belted, to me! Now, in moments that I feel extremely uncomfortable I tend to look at other people around me to gauge their reactions to the awkwardness of the situation but…. NO ONE WAS THERE… I clapped at the end of his performance and to be honest the rest of that date was a complete blur.

Upon my return home, after chatting with my roommates and laughing about the experience I had just had, I went to my room and checked my email… One email grabbed my attention immediately, GUMBY in large bold letters. He sent me an email with a song he had just recorded for me, he claimed this was the first song he thought of and wanted to sing when he met me.
I love Gumby… I love the story I have to share thanks to him… I really hope that Gumby finds some girl who loves opera, bow ties, top hats and romantic dinners on the first date. I feel bad he got stuck on a date with me to be honest. But my friends definitely opened my eyes to the opposite end of the spectrum… no more jerks for me… but no more Gumby’s either..

xoxo The Heart Breaker

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Allie said...

Oh my GOODNESS this made me laugh so hard! I've had some, shall we say, interesting boys ask me out, but never anything like that! :D