Finals Week Dilemmas

4/18/2010 The Virgin 4 Comments

I met Library Boy in the library. (So original, right?) But not officially. He helped me find books for a paper last year. Occasionally I would see him and think about how cute he looked in his little A's hat. But that was it.

Then came last Wednesday. I met him at a BBQ. Saturday he asked me to hang out... Seriously some of the best conversations I've had with a boy in a really long time.

So what happens when you really hit it off with someone and you're leaving in three days, leaving the country in eight days, and the lad graduates this summer?

The Virgin

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Anna said...

What about make-out boy?

The Virgin said...

Let's face the facts... It was a NCMO of epic proportions.

But I suppose I sort of knew that going into it. Do I think of it as a bad thing? No. I wasn't hurt by the situation and we both got what we needed from it...

Kristi said...
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Kristi said...

This post made me so sad. How tragic. Have heart!