Zipties and Introductions

3/31/2014 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

On Friday I went to a YSA activity with a group of friends that included Calvin. Why not hang out with the guy you used to date. It’s not like it makes things confusing and awkward. Oh wait, it does.

We got to the combined activity where we realized we would have to split up and sit guy girl guy girl. Of course. I took my place at the end of the table and Calvin decided to sit by me. They served us our food, a gesture I appreciated until they came back with zip-ties.

Now ask yourself, why would any YSA activity require zip-ties? Aren’t those exclusively used for muggings? Well something was taken from me: my dignity. See the zipties were used to bind our hands to the guy on either side of us. Apparently that was a “neat” way for us to break the ice. I don’t know why they assume I want the ice around me broken. I find it comforting.

And to top the night off some chump decided to start throwing food at everyone which would have been easy to dodge IF I weren’t ziptied to a chain of people.

Now I didn’t recount this most unfortunate instance just to show you how crazed our culture is in getting married. No I told it to you because I met a guy there.

Remember the FHE of months gone by when I talked literature with a group of attractive guys? Well one of those guys, James, sat across from me and as the food flew around us we got to talking. And talking turned to laughing and soon we were unchained and standing in an almost empty cultural hall still visiting.

Now the night didn’t end with an exchanging of numbers, instead he took my blog address. My personal blog. The blog filled with ridiculous stories from my ridiculous life. I don’t know why I find myself hoping he doesn’t read it.

-The Bluestocking

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