Two birds with no stones.

3/07/2014 The Lady 1 Comments

Honestly. This is just getting ridiculous. I'm just going to call him The Counselor, and that will be that. 

The Counselor and I haven't really talked this week. Which has been so strange in contrast to last week. Last week, The Counselor so graciously accepted to do me a favor. The favor itself took a grand total of twenty minutes, but The Counselor and I talked with each other until 1:00 in the morning without blinking an eye. Which was several hours after we first got together. 

But this week, was nothing like last week. There was such an absolute absence of communication it felt as though we had taken several steps backward. We talked yesterday, but only briefly. It was a great conversation believe me, but I had missed talking to him. I know he's been busy with mid-terms and I've been busy with various projects and teaching and studying and everything, but I wish that busyness didn't get in the way. But I guess that's life. "C'est la vie" as the French would say. Or so I've heard. 


I don't know if you will recall, but The Artist quickly fled my life as quickly as he had entered it. Somehow, he is back again. He broke up with his short-term girlfriend, and immediately began talking to me again. From my end, the conversation seemed to be innocent catching-up. We were simply talking about our individual plans for the future, but then the conversation quickly turned on me. Apparently we were both "hinting" at things and weren't being frank enough with each other. I had no idea I was being coy at all, so The Artist took the lead:

"I feel you're avoiding the subject a little. Allow me to speak freely. It is true that I just got out of a relationship, but I feel that that shouldn't be an excuse for anything on my part. I'm deciding to be more forward with dating, etc. from now on (i.e. make it known that I want marriage and if she doesn't want that, then I will move on). As mentioned, I do want to get to know you better and I wouldn't mind dating you. Yes, the distance between us will make it hard, but I'm willing to try. We both have the mindset of 'date to marry.'" 

I was simply flabbergasted. Did I just get proposed to? 

Of course, The Artist wanted to know my answer straight away. All I could say was "I don't know. I don't know. I don't know." All I could tell him was that I needed more time. So we're at a sort of stand still. He knows that he wants to date me, but I pretend as though no such thing has been said. It is just too overwhelming. 

I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. 

-The Lady

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I wouldn't say that was a proposal. Just a very direct declaration of interest.