Donkey Kong and Dating

4/06/2014 The Blue Stocking 0 Comments

Have you guys ever played the old Nintendo version of Donkey Kong Country II? The one with the levels dedicated to riding balloons over lava? Well I sometimes relate my dating life to being a monkey on a balloon searching for air streams (time with guys) to keep me from plummeting into lava (spinsterhood).  And by sometimes I mean I did it once and realized it perfectly described my life.

Let’s make this metaphor even more ridiculous. See I’m the type of monkey that doesn’t need to stay floating high in the air for a long time. In fact I don’t mind slowly floating closer and closer to the lava. All I really need is a spurt of air that keeps spinsterhood at bay.  

Last week that spurt came in the form of James the very attractive guy I met at a YSA activity. Our interaction was light fun that buoyed me back up in the air. I was fine with it ending there. Oddly enough, I probably would have preferred it. Mostly because I don’t trust myself to make anything work out and I’d rather have the memory of a perfect night than another dating gone wrong story.

Well I didn’t get my way because he read my blog and started FB messaging me about it. Apparently he thought it was pretty funny and he didn’t originally think I was that witty.

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I sometimes wonder if guys realize their compliments are actually quite rude. But thank goodness I now know how dull and dreary I am in person.

We’ve now been FB messaging for days about literature and movies and whatever else we can come up with. Finally a guy who likes to read! On Sunday he came up and asked me on a date. I guess this is happening?

-The Bluestocking

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