Confusion begets confusion.

11/22/2013 The Lady 2 Comments

Because I am often not at home, nor particularly close with my roommate, Mary, there are a few gaps in what I know about her complex amour with The Bearded Hobbit. All I can relate are my own perceptions and speculations.

Earlier this week, I do know that Mary and The Bearded Hobbit went out on a date and another time for lunch, and then Mary had him and his roommates over again for dinner (no boef bourguignon this time) and a movie. I was back and forth between making my own dinner and doing laundry, but Mary and The Bearded Hobbit were sitting awfully close on the couch despite there being plenty of room. I stayed in the room long enough to witness Mary rest her hand on The Bearded Hobbit's leg. "Aha!" I thought, "Now everything is cleared up!" Until I looked at The Bearded Hobbit himself. He was just sitting there, neither resisting nor encouraging her affection. Nothing. The entire time I was in the room, he did nothing in the manner of reciprocation and nothing to reject her. 

I hoped that it was me just being hypercritical of this strange little man's body language, but later events that week suggest otherwise. I was at ward choir practice minding my own business when The Bearded Hobbit showed up with the Nineteen-Year-Old-Nuisance in tow. He was even carrying her violin. Ugh. 

Now I'm faced with a major dilemma: do I tell Mary or let her find out on her own?

Con Amor, 
The Lady

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Anonymous said...

Let things pan out normally. Maybe he will change his mind and realize he likes Mary. Maybe he doesn't even life the nineteen year old and she asked him to carry her violin. Maybe he doesn't know who he likes yet and is deciding. Maybe Mary has already gotten signals that he does/does not like him. WE DON'T KNOW. If you tell her, Best case scenario: she immediately believes you and shuts down communication and spares herself some undue possible embarrassment. Worst case scenario if you tell: she decides to stop liking him, but he changes his mind, and the love is lost. I would say that it is not solid enough evidence to bring it to her attention. She's smart, she'll figure it out.

I can't remember if Mary is aware of her 19-year-old competition, but if she is, she may have noticed the Bearded Hobbit with the nuisance earlier. What the girl needs is leverage -- Beardo is, by some miracle, juggling two girls, while Mary only has Beardo on the mind. She needs another male to distract her. Is there an awkward but nice dude that you can introduce to her to?