Removing the Blindfold

8/01/2013 The Blue Stocking 4 Comments

I spent last week worrying about getting a silly call from a guy I didn't even know and in my desperate state my little brain’s irrational thoughts escalated to exclaiming things like, “why won’t my soul mate call me?!” 

I was in a dark and ridiculous place. The cause of my crazed thoughts can be explained in the following equation:

Leaving BYU + my convo with the insulter + my overall lack of male interaction 
= sad sad pathetic me.

To make things worse I kept getting texts from my "bestie" (she said with sarcasm) asking if I’d heard from him.  Finally, he called.

Now typical blind date calls last 27 seconds and consists of him saying “uh so ha ha, do you wanna go out Saturday” and you interject midway through the word Saturday with a nervy high-pitched “suuure,” to which you both laugh and say your goodbyes. 

Just thinking about it makes me want to die.

This conversation was nothing like that. He said my "bestie" told him he should take out her special friend. That’s me, I’m the special friend. How humiliating. How many times can I say this, I DON'T KNOW HER. From there we briefly laid out the facts and I was duly impressed. He loves literature people! I’m not someone who gets excited about dates (understatement), but this guy intrigued me.

Now on to the double date.

The date turned into a 5 hour bowling/froyo experience with a brief intermission set in the dollar aisle of Target. I know the phrase 5-hour-date sets off the same reaction the name Frau Blucher did in Young Frankenstein, but this was the exception.

We had a good time. I explained how I had barely met my proclaimed “special friend” just two weeks ago and we got a kick out of that. The other couple was hilarious. All in all he was a great guy.

So will we be going out again? No. Why? Because he’s a good 2-3 inches shorter to me. Disappointment doesn't begin to describe my feelings.

We’ve been down the dating-a-shorter-guy conversation and I for one will never bend. I’m 5’9’’ and I rock heels, so sue me.

On to other fun things: The bishop called me in and told me I needed to get five guys I’m interested in and go for it. If one ends up being a dud I simply rinse and repeat. Usually I scoff at such ideas, but he has a point. Why should I focus on just one guy who will end up leading to all sorts of disappointment? AND you just never know when polyandry is going to become socially acceptable so I might as well be ready. 

Amiright or amiright.

-The Bluestocking

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Perpetually Single said...

Ahh height. I know people who have made it work (like the Closer right?), but I can't fathom being taller than my future husband. Even at 5'7", I'm taller than a lot of guys around BYU. I hope you find your taller man.

Anonymous said...

What would your bishop say if he knew that you were this adamant about height? How would our general leaders and the Savior see this? If they knew that a guy opposed dating a girl because she's taller than him, then they probably wouldn't support that and would chastise him. It would probably be the same if it were the other way around....I don't think height matters in the eternities. And the comment about liking to wear heels: are you really going to put inanimate objects such as shoes get in the way of your exaltation? You don't get to take those shoes with you after you die. Hopefully you find someone before you hit 30 when it's even harder for Mormon women to get married. The clock is ticking

Anonymous said...

Wow anonymous 1 you're totally right. This blind date is probably the blue stockings only opportunity to ever get married. Good thing you chastised her by using the bishop, the general authorities AND the Savior. Some may say you live on the dramatic side, but not me. No siree. I would have also asked her what her parents and grandparents thought of this situation and i may have even brought her boss into this. You just never know how influential a boss can be. And the reminder that she may never marry really drove your point home. Ahh and the ever effective use of the clock ticking metaphor is sure to make her realize her biologically clock is tick tick ticking away. I can just see her now, burning her heels and desperately texting the little guy. If I could give you a cyber high five I totes would

Anonymous 2,

I actually talked to my Bishop, and he was on my side with this one. Sorry. As for the other two, you can imagine how hard direct conversations can be to come by.

I understand where you're coming from on the height issue. It is silly and we should overlook things like that for love...and yet we don't. I'm simply not attracted to shorter men. And I do believe attraction factors into marriage.

You do realize I JUST turned 23. I feel like the "ticking clock" can take a back seat for awhile. But thanks for the helpful reminder!


P.S. Never underestimate the worth of a good heel.